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We do not say sorry or apologize for our thoughts, feelings, and writing. We swim against the current if we feel that is right. We are simply unapologetic.

Arthur Blok11/03/2023

Episode 04 | You are not allowed to criticise Moroccans

Dutch Emeritus professor Paul Cliteur wrote in 2016 Bardot, Fallaci, Houellebecq and Wilders (2016). A […]
Arthur Blok23/02/2023

U.S. sabotage of NATO drives Russia in the hands of China

It is clear to the world that the Biden Administration blew up the NATO alliance by […]
Arthur Blok06/02/2023

Balloon-gate: a genuine threat to U.S. security or a smoke-screen from the Biden Administration?

The balloon is down. A few days ago, on Saturday to be precise, the U.S. […]
Arthur Blok27/01/2023

Will Biden be impeached over his irresponsible handling of classified documents?

The recent discovery of classified documents in offices used by Joe Biden at a Chinese-sponsored […]
Nikola Mikovic14/01/2023

Putin, Shoigu and Gerasimov; a triumvirate of incompetents

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Moscow continues […]
Arthur Blok09/01/2023

Episode 03 | It can't get much Crazier: books you are not supposed to read part II

The Liberum editor-in-chief (author & political scientist) Arthur Blok published various books about Dutch politics. In 2008 […]
Arthur Blok31/12/2022

The Liberum’s highlights of 2022: we have only just begun

The last day of 2022. It’s been a wild ride for most of us: an […]
Arthur Blok06/12/2022

Episode 02 | This is as Crazy as it Gets: books you are not supposed to read

The Liberum editor-in-chief (author & political scientist) Arthur Blok published in 2018 his second book […]
Marco Mattiussi01/12/2022

Western hypocrisy towards Qatar; why apply double standards?

With the start of the FIFA football tournament this November - what the world except […]
Arthur Blok28/11/2022

New documentary State of Control depicts a sinister image of our future (FULL MOVIE)

Is a digitally controlled society a blessing or an imminent threat? If we like it […]
Netflix's newest reality series 'Dubai Bling' will follow 10 millionaires living in Dubai. Photo courtesy of Netflix.
Arthur Blok25/11/2022

Dubai Bling takes fake shit to a whole other level

The much-discussed Netflix series Dubai Bling is meant to give a peek behind the curtain […]
Arthur Blok20/11/2022

China has the United States and Russia on a leash

At the Chinese Communist Party’s 20th congress in October 2022, the general secretary and the […]
Arthur Blok11/11/2022

Episode 01 | Iran Unapologetic

There has been a lot of talk about Iran lately. On the surface, Mahsa Amini's death seems to have set ablaze a smoldering resistance against the country's political leaders.
Arthur Blok19/10/2022

Anti-mRNA- vaxers seem right: vaccines never tested adequately before implementing vaccine mandates all over the world

How many of us were excluded from society and set aside as crazy or dangerous for […]
Arthur Blok12/10/2022

Hooked on Russian gas; how did the EU get there?

In 1970 Germany and the Soviet Union gathered at the luxurious Hotel Kaiserhof in the […]