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A Bully or an influencer?

Bullying is a deliberate negative behaviour that targets the victim with physical violence, verbal insult, […]
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Dutch business tycoon Michel Perridon showcases some of his most exclusive Bugatti’s at the 40th Bugatti Festival

- by The Liberum on 27/09/2023
Bugatti is one of the world’s most coveted car brands, desired by many but affordable […]
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From Likes to Genuine Engagement

- - by Darine Saleh on 23/09/2023
In today's social media landscape, clicking the "like" button has taken on a new role […]
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A Greater Beauty: The Drawings of Kahlil Gibran - Exhibition in New York

On June 2, The Drawing Centre New York opened the "A Greater Beauty: The Drawings […]
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The latest of Joon W

Peace with Israel will turn Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman into the uncontested leader of a New Middle East

- - by Arthur Blok on 25/09/2023
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s (MBS) plans to reform and strategically reposition his country […]
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The Liberum’s in-house cartoonist, Joon W. censored by social media

- by Joon W on 06/09/2023
While most of us were enjoying the summer, and The Liberum’s production was on a […]
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Latest Trump-indictment is the climax of a Democratic-led political witch hunt

- by Arthur Blok on 14/06/2023
The latest indictment against former U.S. president Donald Trump for mishandling classified documents is the […]
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Without strict rules Artificial Intelligence could reduce mankind to primates

- - by Arthur Blok on 05/06/2023
The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a topic of intense discussion for months. […]
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Defying the ordinary


K El Koussa


Secrets of the Ancient Phoenicians, Khemetians, and Venetians

Jonny Enoch interviews best-selling Lebanese author Karim El Koussa about the secrets of the ancient […]
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The Axels Of My Wagon Wheels

The Axles Of My Wagon Wheels is a special section dedicated to the original work of writer and director Talal Chami, who has published two non-fiction and one fiction novel. The talented Lebanese - Colombian writer takes you on a journey with bizarre sexual twists, best described as ‘experimental by excellence.’

Fadi's Art

The artwork of Fadi Balhawan (1966) is so unique that it is almost impossible to find an artist with comparable work anywhere in the world. His art can only truly be understood when seeing it yourself. It is a unique combination of calligraphy with colours transmitting a story behind each piece of art.

Emad's SF

Everybody needs a voice, and Arab and Muslim science fiction is no exception. This is Emad's gift to his colleagues across the region and beyond. A platform for the unheard, reviewing, and interviewing the avant-garde to mend cultural bridges from the Global South to the Global North.


Nations would have long ago accomplished the goal of a peaceful home for everyone if not for hoarded money* being vacuumed out of circulation to cause periodic decline and fall. The Environmentalist Movement would have never even started. Religions would have long ago made The Beast (USURY) subservient. Asset freezing, sanctions, and taxes don’t touch the paper US Dollar.