New TV show ‘Phoenix Oracle’ about the fascinating history of the Phoenicians, is set to launch in early 2024 (with first trailer)

Image credits: Phoenician sailors ready to embark on a journey across the world. Picture courtesy of The Zohar Entertainment Group .

‘Phoenix Oracle,’ a new 12-episode-TV Show inspired by the work of Lebanese author Karim El Koussa, is set to launch early next year. The unprecedented new series is a fascinating show about the ancient Phoenicians, their history, mysteries, and secret traditions. “This series is going to be groundbreaking,” said El Koussa.

By Arthur Blok
Phoenix Oracle will, in a way, rewrite history according to the Lebanese author who hosts a special section on The Liberum. Phoenicia was an ancient civilization originating in the Levant region of the eastern Mediterranean, primarily located in modern Lebanon.

Through his extensive research and publications, El Koussa has been trying to reassert the balance of historical consciousness back in favor of the Phoenicians and, in the process, create new future horizons for the Lebanese as a people and culture.

The highly anticipated series is a collaboration with internationally renowned authors, researchers, and historians from Lebanon, the US, Canada, and the UK. The first episode illustrates how Phoenicia stood, in fact, at the cradle of civilization with its Garden of Eden.

“It is the first documentary series ever to approach the Phoenicians, culture, civilization, and beliefs in such a way by being filmed in the original sites where they existed,” said director and camera expert Rene Mouawad.

The Lebanese author published four best-selling books - Pythagoras the MathemagicianThe Phoenician CodeJesus the Phoenician, and The Kabbalistic Visions - of which the content plays a pivotal role in this never-before-seen television or streaming series.

Filming such a production in Lebanon is not without challenges, Mouawad explained. “Getting the correct permits to shoot some sites was nearly impossible, but we got them after two months delay. We were even asked to hand a couple of scripts to the people in charge to criticize and scrutinize them, which we disagreed with. In addition, many of the ancient sites are in horrible condition. This made shooting very challenging.”

Despite all those challenges, the UK-based Zohar Entertainment Group decided to go ahead and produce this unprecedented exploration and illumination of one of history's most fascinating yet often overlooked civilizations.

“The Phoenicians were remarkable for their influential role in shaping the ancient world, particularly in maritime trade, cultural exchange, and the alphabet development that forms the basis of many modern languages,” said producer Steve Mera.

This series aims to bring to life the Phoenicians’ remarkable achievements, how they interacted with other great civilizations of the time, and their enduring legacy. It is best described as a journey to uncover the secrets and stories of a people who laid the foundations for much of the modern world.

“We want to offer our audience a captivating look at a civilization that played a crucial role in the tapestry of human history yet remains shrouded in mystery for many. It's a journey back in time," Mera added.

The Phoenicians were very innovative people, emphasized director Mouawad. “They were the first to invent the alphabet and be the first to believe in One God. There is much to say about them that can not be resumed in a few lines.”

"Transforming the ancient ruins of the Phoenician civilization into an exciting and engaging series is indeed a challenge that we embrace with enthusiasm and creativity,” said Mera. “The essential lies in bringing these ruins to life, not just as stones and relics, but as gateways to a vibrant past.”

“It's not just about showcasing the ruins, but about resurrecting the spirit and essence of the Phoenician people and their era,” said editor and production designer Chris Turner. This creative process, while challenging, is advantageous and essential in keeping history alive and relevant for modern audiences.

“The journey of bringing this series to life has been a meticulous and dedicated process,” Turner added. “Our current focus is on refining the style and flow of the storytelling, working closely with Elie M. Iskandar, an extraordinary voiceover talent, and Karim El Koussa to ensure that everything is aligned perfectly and that the series meets the highest standards of historical accuracy and narrative engagement.” 
Producing such a unique series comes with a price tag. That did not stop the producers from going all the way. “This series is more than just entertainment; it's an educational journey, offering invaluable insights into a civilization that has shaped our world. We see it as a cost and a commitment to bringing history to life.” Mera concluded.

El Koussa, who took the lead in this production, saw it as an opportunity to fill a gap in historical storytelling by shedding light on a civilization that, despite its profound influence on the ancient world, has not been the focus of a major television series before.  

The first 12-episode season will be ready by April 2024. The first episode is undergoing a thorough review by a distribution agency in Lebanon. The Zohar Entertainment Group is currently in talks with various - paid - TV channels to broadcast the first season.

Keep visiting K El Koussa’s special section on this platform for the final release date, the latest news, and more trailers of Phoenix Oracle.


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  1. Ai generated images in a documentary about Mediterranean thieves, how fitting. I can’t wait for a law suit to come hitting them right in the mouth.

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