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Nations would have long ago accomplished the goal of a peaceful home for everyone if not for hoardable money* being vacuumed out of circulation to cause periodic decline and fall. The Environmentalist Movement would have never even started. Religions would have long ago made
The Beast (USURY) is subservient. Asset freezing, sanctions, and taxes don’t touch the paper* US Dollar.

* Declare demurrage (holding charges) on The US Dollar (INCLUDING the paper).

Russel Lee Morris05/09/2023

Good Money is in the Works for Tristan da Cunha

Using the traditionalHoardable MoneyUSURY Leverage Devicehas been subtlystrategically, (according to the centuries old same plan)taking […]
Russel Lee Morris24/08/2023

Good Money in the Works for Tristan da Cunha

For Tristan da CunhaUsing the traditionalHoardable MoneyUSURY Leverage Devicehas been subtlystrategically,(according to the centuries old […]
Russel Lee Morris14/08/2023

The Natural Economic Order

Here is an important little children’s book,  for adults too, which is of unimaginable importance  […]
Russel Lee Morris19/07/2023


At this timepreparations for warare being aggressively pursued,you can read it in today’s headlines.Money is […]
Russel Lee Morris08/05/2023

The China
Money Project
part two

The TRUTH,not a bunch of boring technical talkabout ‘value’ and otherSpell Bindingwords and phrases. It’s […]
Russel Lee Morris04/05/2023

China Protecting It’s
Money Decision

China is ALREADYusing a Yuan withdemurrage (holding charges).They started October 2020 **just before President Trump […]
Russel Lee Morris01/05/2023

Real Free-Cities
Not Fake

The Natural Economic Orderin The New Levant Region.Who will rent the ‘worthless’ Border land? And […]
Russel Lee Morris25/04/2023

Never Believe
It’s Impossible

For all The Perplexed Economists.Everyone would have beenjust fine and dandyif President Trumpwould have been […]
Russel Lee Morris11/04/2023

Posthumous Letter
from Peter Rabbit,
part two

More secret hidden notes,Reform Club MeetingHistory 101The Money PartVenturing 201 Once The Recession Planis fully […]
Russel Lee Morris01/04/2023

Posthumous Letter
from Peter Rabbit
(part one)

Hidden secret notes fromThe Reform Club Meeting Venturing 101,Starting withThe Recession Plan:Cashing out,in fact even […]
Russel Lee Morris18/03/2023

Trump Freedom Cities

President Trump has once againlet the lightof The Natural Economic Ordershine through,in his latest video […]
Russel Lee Morris09/03/2023

Models for
The Natural Economic Order (NEO)

The Burj KhalifaThe MukaabThe LineThank you NEOM.A study inFree-Landof the first class, second classand third […]
Russel Lee Morris24/02/2023

Trump is Headed
to East Palestine

Catastrophe and crisis, even war,and even a terrible Railroad chemical spill,can present the perfect stormfor […]
Russel Lee Morris22/02/2023


Light,Camera,Action Grabbing a pinch of neck skinand lifting a horse like giant cock.“Spray!”A stream of […]
Russel Lee Morris12/02/2023

Angel NicGillicuddy
Meets Trump

Big part ofThe TRUMPWar Negotiationleaked:“The timing is perfect,there is a mega surplus of money out […]
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