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SIRI does not understand the word “UNHOARDABLE”

By Russell Morris


“Unhoardable Money” does not compute
for Siri.
It is not even in the programming.
Because The Cash Mob Elite
has a condition upon
The Operating Loan
for Goolgle;
do not program
“unhoardable money”
into the programming.

This keeps us STUCK
in The Establishment’s
artificial cycles
(actually FORCED upon us)
of BOOMs and BUSTs.

But remember this:
is floccinaucinihilipilification.
It is not natural.”
- Mononoke Angel NicGillicuddy

The last hope
of The Cash Mob Elite
is advertising;
a distorted artificial
But now
President Trump is becoming
the most wanted entity
for advertisers looking to target a bigger
and bigger
These same advertisers
will soon be required to pay
astronomical charges
for time as a commercial
on a presentation where
President Trump
is appearing.
And guess where all of that
cash money
ends up?
In our US government account.
The Cash Mob Elite is losing quickly.
President Trump is gaining,
using their money.
Congratulations again President Trump
and Team.
is coming soon.
The Beast
is weakening
and finding itself
“in a corner”
with fewer
and fewer

Angel NicGillicuddy

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