President Trump is getting free healthcare done

The Demurrage Gang is the group of new leaders
who are working together
with one goal in mind;
To take the power away from
The Cash Mob Elite,
otherwise known as The Invisible Enemy
The Invisible Hand.
The Trump card which will
The Final Blow
To The Beast
“declaring demurrage on The US dollar.
But first,
it is best
to flush as much as possible
of the hidden hoards
of cash paper US dollars
from The Dark Realms.
The Demurrage Gang includes
Trump, Xi, Boris, Modi, MbS, Abe, The Moons
and more and more are coming. Respectfully I thank you.

Right now
in United States
there is very aggressive production
of healthcare facilities
and equipment
and even workers are being increased;
This is an amazing organization
of workers and production which is happening right now
as a very clear conscious response
to the corona COVID-19 Chinese virus threat.

The result and consequence of all of this very hard work and intense calm focus
which President Trump and his team
and all the workers
have been doing and are continuing to do
will be a very big oversupply
of everything healthcare
including the facilities to manufacture
everything healthcare;
flexible high tech factories
and flexible workers
and flexible facilities.
So much infrastructure!

Very inexpensive healthcare
is just around the corner.

Thank you President Trump and team
and thank you to all the very hard workers.

Angel NicGillicuddy


Arthur Blok

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