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A Dragon for Hire can Consume the World Entire

Image credits: James Franco stars as the Wizard of Oz, busy counting pennies he should be spending. [Walt Disney Pictures]

Following on from my review of Russell Morris’s Angel works I thought I’d give the author a chance to speak for himself after the publication of his collection Dragon Poop (September 2022).

By Emad El-Din Aysha, PhD

Dear Russell, you have the dragon Abraxas who is sitting on his mound of gold and treasure and cash money. Then you say that before any of this treasure there was only ‘guano’, a fancy word for poop.

Do you know that petroleum, crude oil, has been described as the devil’s excrement? Is this just a coincidence?

I am very grateful to be interviewing with you Emad,
we have a very unique opportunity here
to see
what is happening
from the perspectives
of two very different cultures,
but with one thing in common,
As I have said many times,
we all have one common enemy
and that enemy’s weapon is
hoardable money.
To disarm
The Invisible Enemy
demurrage (holding charges)
on the money.
Dragon Poop = gunpowder
Devil’s Excrement = oil
both depended on
a cash loan
in the beginning,
in order to finance
the production development.
The Federal Reserve
was organized in 1913, December 23
under the cover of
and The Dark Winter,
and thus began
a lot of deals during the years following
which got the whole world, 
including Saudi Arabian oil producers,
the hoardable US dollar.
Loans made during those years
of world war,
and the great depression
and yep, pandemic
came in the form of
and this is what the loans
were required
to return,
with interest.
Maybe nobody involved in the big deals thought much about what would happen in
100 years or so.
They could have sought out the
money history
Silvio Gesell
and they would have known better
than to fall for this trick.
But unfortunately our history leaves out
the money part.
This history did not disappear though,
the paper trail
is still around.
Paper paper paper
is the word these days;
Paper ballots,
Paper money,
and paper books.
If you think paper money,
in particular The Paper US Dollar
is insignificant,
you are simply repeating exactly what
The Invisible Enemy
have taught you
State run schools,
and this is why
President Trump
always emphasizes

Paper money,
like the gold of king Solomon,
and Ophir,
is hoardable
and can easily
be vacuumed
out of circulation
in order to interfere
the completion
And this effects not only
the exchange of trade
but even the exchange; 
the circulation,
of breath. (I’m talking about stress here,
the main cause of all illness.)
demurrage (holding charges)
is declared on money,
everyone and everything
will breath
But just to make sure,
Trump Money with
demurrage (holding charges)
will show the way.
Now for question two.
Have a nice day Emad,

Dragons are always a symbol for the unproductive hoarding of wealth, the very thing Silvio Gesell (and John Maynard Keynes) was opposed to. Taking wealth, money, out of circulation. Here’s an interesting connection. In Islamic law you aren’t allowed to have pots and pans and kitchen utensils made out of gold and silver, and my rationalization of this law is to do again with circulation. With Gesell you are given paper money with a limited lifespan to insure that you spend every last penny, pushing up demand and so production.

Would you say that all nations have essentially the same myths? That fairytales contain lessons from the past, even in the realm of economics?

When I read The Journal of Beatrix Potter *
I saw very clearly in the first few pages
the real message,
which is the reason why
she even began the journal in the first place,
the reason why she wrote in code;
she was jeopardizing
her family’s EVERYTHING,
her inheritance.
In the end she did what she knew
was the safest thing she could do,
and that was to buy a lot of land.
But this was only because
if she talked
about the hoardable money predicament
she would be exiled,
just like Moses was.

The Reform Club (her Dad was a member)
decided that it was time to have a
they began
money (it was made of metal; gold and silver, at the time)
out of circulation
and having it melted down
to make chandeliers, fine dinnerware,
and jewelry and gold watches too
(time is money.)
Beatrix tells about this
in the first few pages
of her Journal.

This was good timing on the part of
The Reform Club Gang;
since the economy was
at the peak of The BOOMing,
many people were earning 
very good income,
and could afford to buy
gold and silver products.
And the money received
was pushed deep
into the deep pockets,
to be hoarded for a while, 
knowing that
the division of labor (how we work together), which is dependent on money
once it reaches a certain level,
would eventually
break down,
and that eventually
the Workers would be
to sell out
all of their hard earned wealth, …
not money,
real wealth,
which is
homes (including everything inside the home)
and ‘ships’ (the shipping industry,
trucks, trains, ships)
and then
The Reform Club Hoardable Money Gang
could easily come in and offer
very low prices to buy it all up,
and then crank up business again
by investing
of the money
which they had hoarded away,
and so instigate
BOOM cycle
This is nothing new it has been going on for thousands
of years.

This trick
was known by the time Islam
got into the game.
They thought they had discovered a way to prevent the trick
by forbidding
gold pots and pans.
The Reform Club Gang
Money Power Establishment
was not threatened by this at all,
because now they had
The Paper US Dollar
to use for their
USURY trick money Leverage Device,
probably even promoting and congratulating this clever decision by Islam regarding the pots and pans,
just to keep the spotlight off of
The PAPER US Dollar.

Please don’t misunderstand,
I am NOT against paper money,
I am NOT against money
at all,
in fact
I think it is a very
magical device
which has helped us to work better together
over the years,
helping us to share and complete
our work tasks
in a much more effective and efficient way, through the division of labor.

as I stated
in The Opening
of Shibboleth,
Magic should never just be let loose.
It should always be watched closely
with a very special focus.
evil lurks,
it never goes away completely,
and it seeks any subtle opening
in order to destroy
The Kingdom.

With magic
one must always have a clear mind
for absolute focus,
not even war can distract this focus. Otherwise,
the more powerful the magic
the more destructive
the consequences.

is very powerful magic.

The trick
of removing money from circulation
and melting it down
to make
gold ornaments
or anything,
even pots and pans,
was well known
by the time Islam
got into
the game,
but by then
The Federal Reserve
had already created the paper money substitute,
which very subtly
took over the game,
why? …
Simply because
it was cheaper to transport
from one country to another,
there wasn’t what was called
The Gold Point
when paper money is used.

The paper US dollar was,
like the gold and silver metal money
of antiquity,
there was no change at all
in this regard.

are derived from real life experiences,
there is a lot of truth in fairytales,
if you include the money part of the story you can see it clearly.

Fairy Money =
Money which decays.
The Mabinogion
translated by Lady Charlotte E. Guest
page 59.

On to the next question,
Cheers Emad,

You also say that Abraxas used the poop to make gunpowder during times of war, extorting money out of the nations he sold the gunpowder to. I presume this is war profiteering and Eisenhower’s military-industrial complex?

If my country,
for example,
is the best at making military equipment
it is not war profiteering
in the sense which you might think is wrong, unless my nation (or some other ancient entity acting
under the disguise of my nation)
is instigating wars to sell
more war equipment.

President Eisenhower was naïve
when it came to money,
it is easy to see
when you look at his past life
and his parents too,
he was raised poor.
And also
when you listen to his farewell speech
it is very obvious
he was very frightened
of the grip which
The Money Power
had on everything
and everyone.
And he did not see the way out,
he probably wasn’t even interested in that once his wife came along,
just look at her parents history for one thing;
her dad
inherited a business,
then retired at 36 years old.
Trump’ dad was working hard into his 90s and Trump is still hard at it in his 70s.

Eisenhower was just scared of
The Money Power Establishment;
The Cash Mob Elite.
And so yes,
he aligned with their strategy of
War Profiteering;
The strategy of removing money from circulation in the country which is the enemy. But Eisenhower didn’t play the game so well
and he just became another slave puppet for
The Money Power Establishment.

President Trump in comparison,
look at his early life
and look at his parents.
Donald Trump
was raised in an atmosphere
thick with business experience
of a wide variety,
not only meetings with the good guys
but also with
even The Cash Mob Elite.
Regardless of how
the mainstream media
shares their opinion
about these people,
the best way to negotiate
is live;
either talking on the phone
or face-to-face.
Trump did this,
his dad also did this.
And, they both persevered
and overcame
main stream media gossip and defamation hoaxes,
with many accomplishments
despite distracting court cases
and fake news.

Trump built the military industrial complex using not just a loan,
but also billions of dollars of tariff cash,
to assure
that the loan is able to be
paid back
He is the enemy of
The Cash Mob Elite.

was running the military industrial complex
and the nation
using not just loans
but cash,
just like he runs
The Trump Empire.

Eisenhower left office sad,
just watch his farewell speech.
Not Trump!
Even through hoax after hoax,
stolen election,
more court cases,
more defamation,
Trump is prevailing,
not backing down,
never giving up.
He has said it many times,
main stream media just doesn’t report on it;
Trump is prevailing,
good news for the workers, maybe not so great for lazy people,
and he has created a very united movement which is strong, stable, spirited and which will change history;
Make America Great Again,
and other nations
are even adopting this
common sense mentality
and joining
The Make your Nation Great Again

President Eisenhower
was in cahoots with
The Cash Mob Elite,
his military industrial complex just supported their agenda;
more war
and more money,
much of which
The Cash Mob Elite
just vacuumed
out of circulation.

President Trump
built the military industrial complex
to help ALL nations
appealing to his call, 
for protecting and defending
their hard earned wealth,
assured with economic stability,
which is the goal of
Trump’s economic PLAN;
a level playing field,
not one where there are peaks and valleys
and trap doors.
This is all the Farmers want too.
These nations were not
building military
to defend against each other.
The enemy is invisible.
Their troops do not consist of
patriotic armies,
but caravans
of illegal immigrants,
and Coyotes,
and drugs (fentanyl not marijuana)
and cash PAPER US Dollars.

What exactly was President Trump’s 2016 plan to ‘hold charges’? How did he intend to turn the usury system on top of its head?

First, secure the borders i.e.
The Wall,
otherwise you will never know
how many people
you are supposed to serve,
it is also important
because of budgeting, of course.
The 2020 US census
was supposed to be proof of this number,
that was,
before Biden destroyed their meaning.

Open borders
a Caravan
of poor desperate people,
who are not able to return home
even if they wanted to.
 Open borders also invites
The Drug Attack,
fentanyl not marijuana.
China learned this lesson the long hard way, during the opium attack.
Open borders also invites
The Human Slave Trafficking business
headed up by
Coyotes Inc.
This business
does much more worse than feeding porn,
it feeds the abortion business
of buying and selling
baby parts and fluids.

Second end simultaneous with The Wall:
build up the military defense extra strong,
in order to protect
all of the hard earned real wealth
from attacks by
The Cash Mob Elite 
The Invisible Enemy
Trump did this,
and quickly became their enemy
which they are now
focusing on.

Building The Wall
and The Military industrial complex
steel is needed.
Trump gave “orders”
to strengthen the steel industry;
the backbone of all industry.

He stopped the Chinese
from dumping
in US markets,
he did this with the tariffs,
which also availed Trump
of a ton of cash to work with
quickly without having to wait on
loan decisions.

Trump gave a lot of this money
to the farmers,
instead of doing what
the money power establishment
and what has been done historically,
which is,
giving it to the big land holders
by way of inflationary prices,
most of which goes into the deep pockets
of the old aristocratic
practically invisible
land holders.

There was no inflation
with Trump’s plan
because so many more people
were employed
and earning
better than ever,
which equals homes
for everyone,
building continues
till the goal
is reached,
but only if the money
does not get vacuumed
out of circulation
to force
that 2%
is reserved for interest; unearned income, and this means
that 2% of the population
will always
go homeless,

Once the economy is up and running
and real infrastructure is underway,
as it was indeed with Trump,
the absolute most stabile way
for continued, nonstop, ever refining, sustainable
industry, including the agricultural industry, is to declare
demurrage (holding charges)
on The US Dollar.
This was the “cement”
to hold it all together,
which Trump referred to
when speaking about his second term.
Of course who in the main stream media would ever even understand
what I’m saying?
But you my friend Emad
I think you do.
Thank you.

In the book
Dragon Poop
it is revealed
in very real terms, not symbolically,
that when
demurrage (holding charges)
is declared
on the money,
the very ones who are our worst enemy;
the ones who receive the most
unearned income,
will find that
the harder they try to acquire more
as quick as possible
from their hoarded cash
money leverage device,
the more things will end up doing us collectively
the most good.

All you have to do
is follow the money,
like those curious investigators always say, only this time,
using unhoardable money with
demurrage (holding charges),
the money will NOT lead you to
a dead end.
Unhoardable money with demurrage
does NOT lead there,
for then
the money would just ‘melt or decay’.

Unhoardable  money with demurrage
leads to the best investments possible, where money is not held back to interfere with fully supported budgets
proceeding as they should,
and with a lot less waiting around for decisions to be made about a money loan.

When demurrage (holding charges)
is declared on the money
will become the force which tries to do evil but only ends up accomplishing good.
our natural born instinct for preserving
and protecting
the self,
is the force behind
Whether or not that self is distorted
is another matter.
But after using the unhoardable money with demurrage (holding charges) for a while
(less than one year)
the self
shall become purified,
becoming once again
The Temple
of God,
including every thought you have.

The Temple
has become very distorted
from thousands of years
using the hoardable
form of money,
and practicing
becoming and getting better and better at it. Not a good thing.

Good plans are flexible and adaptable,
and so
is Trump’s plan.

The patient (government)
cannot be expected to operate on himself.
This operation
must be performed
by someone outside,
unless Trump and The MAGA movement
can overpower
the fake
election system.

Just in case,
there is Plan B:
Trump Money with
demurrage (holding charges),
which will far outperform
the hoardable US dollar
in every way,
except doing harm to our workers’  unity.

We all have one common enemy,
and that enemy’s weapon
is hoardable money.
To disarm
The Invisible Enemy
demurrage (holding charges)
on The US Dollar.
Or else
Trump money with demurrage
will show the way.

Was Trump in any way like President John F. Kennedy? He had issued interest-free, debt-free dollar bills. Is such a policy really that threatening to the system?

And now on to the question about
Kennedy Dollars.
A very good question indeed,
and a bit mysterious too.
How did you know about this Emad?

Issuing more hoardable money,
whatever name it goes by,
is just asking for more of the same problems
and even yet worse
doing even worse damage than ever.
The Cash Mob Elite
Money Power Establishment
do not mind it at all,
in fact they play
with ANY new ideas
as long as the money
remains hoardable.

The main stream media
have been very powerful and controlling
for thousands of years.
It is no surprise,
and nothing new
if they did the same
to John F Kennedy
that they did
to President Trump;
just reporting lies
and leaving out all the good things.

For example, that John F Kennedy was planning to formally
demurrage (holding charges)
on The Kennedy Dollars
on day one
of their issue.
The main stream media would never talk about this, unless it was in some very distorted way.
Be careful who you listen to
when learning about
unhoardable money with
demurrage (holding charges).
For example
it has nothing to do with
negative interest, asset freezing, or regulations.

All I can say is
is a better businessman
than Kennedy was.

The information about
John F Kennedy‘s
executive order 11110
is not complete,
and also distorted,
it is the opinion of main stream media,
and not the whole story.

Listen to the end of a Trump rally speech
and you will hear and feel
the difference between
Eisenhower and John F Kennedy speeches compared to Trump speeches.
Trump is up for it.
He’s like a coach taking his team
to the ultimate game.
Win win win.
Never back down.
Never ever ever give up.
Play smart.
Don’t give in to the violence,
Do not play into their hand.
I am on his team!

We want a Trump economy.
It’s the best thing for the whole world,
the environment,
and natural migration,
to adapt
to the natural

One more question to look at.
Now I’m off to work in the lavender fields. Have a nice day Emad.

Angel NicGillicuddy

In writing you Angel series, were you in any way influenced by The Wizard of Oz? They say that ‘Oz’ comes from ounce and there’s of course the yellow brick road (gold) and the silver slippers Dorothy gets (not ruby)? I’d go as far as saying the cowardly lion is the Bank of England, which financed the railroad construction in the USA!

I did watch the Wizard of Oz
every year,
it came on once a year
on Disney World,
usually around this time of year right now.
I watched it till I got my drivers license,
16 years old,
then I started working two jobs
and going out at night,
Teenager stuff.
I never have thought about
The Wizard of Oz
during all of my writing Angel’s story.
If there’s some money message in that story
it should be more obvious,
is there any mention of money at all in
The Wizard of Oz?
I’ve seen the Wizard of Oz synchronized with Pink Floyd
the dark side of the Moon album,
It’s amazing.
Have you seen the movie entitled,
It’s the story before.
Anyway I try not to write symbolically,
my aim is clear, concise
and historically based.
Having characters interacting
is just more interesting and fun
than an economic lecture explanation.
a story
is something which is
passed down
through generations.

And now
The Railroad thing you mentioned.
Good timing Emad,
as I just read in the news today there is a railroad strike in store for the US, again.
Biden just doesn’t negotiate well.

It is explained in
the natural economic order
by Silvio Gesell;
the random land leftovers in between the staked out claims was acquired, some say by England, the bank of England.

It is explained in
the natural economic order
by Silvio Gesell;
The random land leftovers
in between the staked out claims
was acquired
some say
by the bank of England.
I would go one step further;
and say
they were acquired by
The Cash Mob Elite,
maybe some of them were members of
The Reform Club
back then.

A group of 1000 or so people
acquired these
‘random parcels in between claims’
a long time ago,
and this
had a lot to do with the railroad,
which probably crossed these
random parcels of land
in lots of places. (rent)
The post offices also ended up
on this leftover land which spread
like a spiderweb
across America.
the railroad rent
and the post office business
had a lot to do with
as it developed westward.

And now here’s some symbolism for you;
as I was writing just now,
sitting in front of the woodstove
on this beautiful cool autumn evening,
I spotted a spider, a pretty big spider, crawling across the floor.
I smashed it with my matchbox,
it didn’t die easily.
And now I’m sitting back down
to continue the writing;
the last little bit
in response to all of your questions.

A final question. Why do you make Angel, in the conversations with the dragon, a female? Is this a reference to ‘mother nature’?

Angel NicGillicuddy
is a descendent
of a lineage
with ancestry
in the Middle East,
maybe Egypt.
Someone in her line,
a beautiful little girl,
was picked up by the Vikings
along time ago
and brought home with them.
Angel is from the Middle East,
over the many many years
her line blended
with the Scottish.
Using Nic as the prefix; NicGillicuddy
instead of Mac; MacGillicuddy or McGillicuddy
infers that she is a virgin
sort of.

I am so grateful for your
brilliant questions
And I hope and wish for more.
I am at your service.
Salainte (Cheers)
Russell Lee Morris

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Emad Aysha
Academic researcher, journalist, translator and sci-fi author. The man with the mission to bring Arab and Muslim literature to an international audience, respectably.
Emad Aysha
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