No more recession EVER again

By Russell Morris


I can get us started.
The profits which will be made from the sale
of all the things
agricultural and industrial
will be immense this summer.
Those businesses;
Farming and Factory construction
are not interrupted.
I work a construction job
and I can easily SEE
that there is ALOT of demand
for good workers.
It’s not so difficult to shift
the jobs wage workers can do,
and are offered.

Lots of US exporting.
Deals already under contract law,
Plenty of cash available
(The other Central Banks will do what
The Fed did).
LOTS of reciprocal trade
which doesn’t include dollars.
And once CASH is injected
into the other bodies economic
the same potential will make itself known
in them as The US.
This potential will never be interrupted again.
Why? Because once the money medicine is in the body circulating,
the other members of The Demurrage Gang
will follow their leader;
President Trump,
and declare demurrage on THEIR
national currency.
Currencies with demurrage have no trouble
on their journey.
Smooth sailing.
A beautiful horizon.
And no matter
what the obstacle or challenge
we will BE ABLE
to meet it
and overcome it.
Yours truly
Angel NicGillicuddy


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