Episode 05 | Woke and the dangers of radical inclusion

In this latest episode, Paul Cliteur and Arthur Blok discuss the so-called 'Woke agenda'. An agenda spreading in Europe, the United States, and even the Middle East. Both gentlemen elaborate on this radical form of inclusion where sexual fluidity and the diversity of sexual orientation become the 'new normal' in schools and are shamelessly promoted and pushed.

There is increasing criticism of this movement today, perceived by many as threatening freedom of expression. Cliteur and Blok take a closer look at this discussion and discuss who determines what can and cannot be said and the aggressiveness that goes with it.

Both gentlemen also talk about the 'gender identity' children are confronted with and influenced by at an increasingly younger age. Is it normal for a child to learn through the news where puberty inhibitors are available?

Anyone who doesn't think this is normal is not 'inclusive' and is being demonised. Is this restriction on free thinking a sliding scale?

Watch and judge for yourself.

Language: Dutch (with subtitles).

Arthur Blok

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