Dutch business tycoon Michel Perridon showcases some of his most exclusive Bugatti’s at the 40th Bugatti Festival

Image credits: Michel Perridon with his family on the background at the Bugatti Festival in Molsheim (France). Picture courtesy of Perriodon Holdings.

Bugatti is one of the world’s most coveted car brands, desired by many but affordable to just a handful. A privileged few attended the 40th annual Bugatti festival in Molsheim (France). Dutch business tycoon Michel Perridon, who often resides in the UAE, displayed some rare examples of his impressive Bugatti collection that consists of more than sportscars alone.

The Dutch businessman has one of the world's largest collections of Bugatti’s, consisting of 32 cars. Being a long-time enthusiast of the Bugatti family’s work, he became a friend of some of these distinguished Italian family dynasty members.

Part of his collection was on display for the first time in the Chateau St. Jean and on the Bugatti estate in Molsheim earlier this month. “It all started when I bought my first Bugatti - a Veyron. It triggered something; it is not only an amazing sportscar but a symbol for the brand's rich history”, the Dutch entrepreneur said.

As he dug deeper, he discovered stories about the journey of the Bugatti family and their dedication not only to the iconic sportscars but also to their valuable contributions to the art and design world.

“For example, I discovered Carlo Bugatti's unique furniture designs and Rembrandt Bugatti's beautiful sculptures. Truly extraordinary work indeed”, he added.

Michel Perridon is the driving force behind many exclusive events and the founder of Perridon Holdings, which has an office in Dubai. After years of success in Europe, he explored the UAE, particularly Dubai. “The right choice”, the Dutch business tycoon emphasised.

Every year, in the second week of September, Bugatti enthusiasts from all over the world gather in France to experience the uniqueness of the creatures of the Bugatti family. The result was an impressive mixture of visual art, painting, and Carlo Bugatti's furniture.

(From left to right Michel Perridon's Bugatti EB 110, Type 57G, Type 45, and Type 32)

Especially for the occasion, Perridon flew in four of his 32-Bugatti cars collection. Each has its unique story; for example, the Type 32 celebrated its centennial this year, and the Type 45 is the first car with a 16-cylinder engine, of which only two prototypes were ever built (1930). A genuinely remarkable vehicle indeed.

In addition, Perridon exhibited some rare pieces of Bugatti furniture and sculptures in the Chateau. These were, therefore, on display for the first time to the general public. Perridon: “Surprisingly, the world is unaware of Bugatti's history's fascinating richness and diversity. Part of my passion for this brand is to share this unique story with the world.”

That is precisely what his Dubai team is now working on. In the near future, he is launching the Perridon Experience, an extraordinary ride through time where a unique selection of Bugatti items will be displayed for the public.

More information will follow soon.


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