Episode 06 | Free journalism is essential to the control of power

In this latest episode, Paul Cliteur and Arthur Blok discuss critically look at journalism, journalistic freedom and journalistic independence in the Netherlands and abroad.

They emphasise that freedom of thought and expression are essential values for journalism and that these values are increasingly under pressure. They point out that large newspapers no longer publish controversial topics or post dissidents’ reactions.

There is also pressure on the Dutch public broadcaster NPO to exclude critical stations ‘Ongehoord Nederland.’  

The gentlemen also talk about the lack of pluriformity in the media landscape. They argue for a pluriform system in which there is also room for different sounds. In addition, they discuss the limitation of academic freedom and the influence of political agendas on academic research.

They emphasise the importance of independent thinking and asking critical questions.

Watch and judge for yourself.

Language: Dutch (with subtitles).

Arthur Blok

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