Exploring the Future of Leadership: a Q&A with Samie Al-Achrafi about the Power of Choice

Image credits: Visionary entrepreneur Samie Al-Achrafi.

What are conscious leaders' fundamental questions regarding AI data and technology? How to get them into the debate? Visionary entrepreneur Samie Al-Achrafi, the founder and CEO of leadership consultancy Marmalade Fish, answers various questions by Marko Kovacevic in this regard and shines his light on the future of leadership.

In this episode of Ask me Anything, the immense benefits of technology and some potential downsides are explored.
He further answers questions on:

How do you find the sweet spot where #humanity can coexist with and benefit from #AI?
- What potential challenges might we encounter in the #future with autonomous are
- To what extent are we willing to share data about everything we do to get better insights about ourselves and possible futures?
- What can workers do to ensure they are not replaced by AI?

In this far-reaching discussion, Al-Achrafi and Kovacevic also discuss mathematics and engineering as creative subjects, beating the algorithms and the need for new legislative frameworks and regulatory paradigms to protect us.

01:00 Aligning Artificial Intelligence with human values
08:32 Trade-off between privacy and convenience
14:26 Trust vs. trustworthiness
16:40 Ensuring that AI remains a neutral medium
19:51 Future of work
27:40 Big data issues and opportunities with Intellectual Property rights
31:51 Who polices the police?


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