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Fadi Balhawan: “Digital art is a fascinating realm that adds value and beauty”

Image credits: "The Eye of Eve', with words from the Abrahamic Scriptures by Fadi Balhawan.

Modern times call for modern solutions in all aspects of life. Modern-day artists are discovering digital art, like The Liberum’s in-house artist Fadi Balhawan (1966), who hosts an exceptional art section on this website. “Digital art is a fascinating realm indeed that adds more value and more beauty”, said the Lebanese artist.

By Arthur Blok
The great Lebanese-American writer and poet Kahlil Gibran wrote in 1926 in his book Sand and Foam (1926) We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting. These words inspire Balhawan up until today when considering the ever-evolving art landscape. Digital art represents a new medium for artistic expression and embodies the future of asset ownership and authenticity.

As a self-taught artist and the proud father of four, Balhawan is devoted to his time-intensive artwork. In essence, his work is challenging to describe. It combines literature, calligraphy, ink and pens, painting, poems, and even video; finding an artist with comparable work is impossible.

“Each piece I create is now minted on a blockchain, serving a dual purpose. It unequivocally establishes the authenticity of ownership, ensuring that each digital piece is a unique creation. While it streamlines the ownership transfer process, making it more convenient and secure”, Balhawan said.

He embarked on a journey that takes his work to the next level by embracing this digital realm. To facilitate this transition, he teamed up with Funooni, a dynamic platform dedicated to pioneering new forms of artistic expression: “They have been instrumental in helping me bring my artistic vision to life in this digital medium.”

Another segment of The Eye of Eve with words from the Abrahamic Scriptures by Fadi Balhawan.

Funooni was designed to serve artists - and users - through complex and game-changing blockchain technology. It focuses on reintroducing Arabic art to the world in a new light. Whether it’s a painter, a photographer, a musician, a sculptor, or a designer, Funooni helps each artist showcase their creativity to the world. Why use a digital platform?

Balhawan: “Digital art is a form of art in its own right, and a crucial aspect is its ability to provide a clear online record of the artwork. Think about how many art pieces have moved across countries without a proper tracking system.”

From that perspective, digital is like an art experience 2.0 where users receive an electronic certificate of authenticity, similar to using your phone for payment instead of a credit card.

Balhawan: “Additionally, there’s a wealth of incredibly talented artists in the digital domain. Collectors or one-time customers can showcase digital art on high-end screens with accompanying music, enhancing the overall experience and adding value to the artwork itself.”

“Ultimately, I embrace the potential opportunity to share my digital artistry with a broader audience”, Balhawan concludes.

Fadi Balhawan’s profile on Funooni can be found here.

More examples of his work are demonstrated (some with video) in Fadi’s Art segment.


Arthur Blok
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