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How to Balance Work and Life

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To be honest, I am a workaholic and with enormous energy to dive into details till my energy takes a pause. It is not only about my work and life balance but about what truly motivates and keeps me balanced.

We've all been there – the guilt feeling after working for long hours or over the week. Sometimes, work takes priority and drives the balance; on other days, longer rest, and hobbies are necessary to feel balanced.

Our times and styles make us who we are; no unique model fits us all. Some of us prefer to immediately close open actions, check emails, and put a plan in place, while others take more time to assess and take action.

We have different styles in both corporate and social life.

Some people like to take a mid-day nap or perform an exercise to reenergize; others prefer to drink more coffee or tea to keep their momentum or could choose to take shorter breaks.

I believe there is no single model to fit all; there is no black and white, no right or wrong about work and life balance.

Balance is what makes you feel balanced. The elements in life that require the most balancing can be divided into two categories:

-Internal, such as mind, heart, and health.
-External such as social, work, and family.

It’s essential to check in with yourself to see if you feel balanced, but don’t overthink it.

If this is not possible on your own and you still feel unbalanced, try to find a coach to help you discover the relationship between work and home. It might take some time, but small daily tasks can make a massive difference in the long term. If you need help in building out a plan to improve your work-life balance, coaching will help you.

Having someone as a coach is essential to help you challenge your inner emotions and celebrate your accomplishments.

We don’t need to strive towards balance; we rather need to work on the obstacles preventing the natural flow of balance.” ― A.A. Alebraheem.

We cannot get balance; it’s a state of mind. It’s when we accept that life is not stable but in constant motion. We would not focus on the challenges but listen to our inner self to balance our external life and work toward what makes us feel comfortable and balanced.

Before the COVID pandemic, statistics showed that approx. 20% of the workforce worked from home, which increased suddenly for almost two years to more than 80% and later stabilized at a higher rate than where we started to reach approximately. 35% to 40%.

Our homes became our offices and schools and places for leisure and exercise.

We could not easily manage this change, but we engaged in several activities, and it made our brains work hard to distinguish between work and life. We survived this phase, making us a better version of ourselves.

Learning from the recent past, we know that there is no single solution for the work-life balance; it is all about our mindset and how we organize ourselves to feel successful and comfortable.

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Emile Fakhoury
Corporate Expert Writer, Business Professional in Energy/Water/Oil/Gas, Specialist in Coaching/Training, Association of Project Management UK Fellow Member. The professional who believes that adaptation to various social or corporate environments is the only way to survive and strive. Master the rules of the game in order to reach the top and change the rules.
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