Male Bracelets: Know What The Market Wants Most In This Trend

Easy to use, versatile, charming and sophisticated, the men's bracelet has now entered the list of accessories desired by modern man. The different designs and materials used in the making of the pieces make them options for the composition of conservative or more funky visuals.

In this post, you will know the styles of bracelets that are dominating the market, how men use this accessory and how their jewelry can take advantage of the success of men's bracelets to sell more. <a href="">Visit bracelet world co</a> for more details.



Know the main styles of men's bracelets

The simplicity of the men's bracelets makes this adornment be versatile and have several options for composing various visuals. The materials may be combined or used separately.



The metal bracelets are the most identified with the masculine esthetics. They refer to the military environment and can also be used in mixed versions with leather.



Anchors, strings, knots and colors that resemble the marine universe make up the nautical style bracelets. The accessory looks good not only in coastal environments, but can also break more serious visuals, made up of blazers and shirts.


Of stones

Currently, men's stone bracelets are among the most popular. The options are varied: the beads can be made from woods, quite traditional, even from crystals. This type of material also allows bold and classic designs, which appeals to different audiences.


Of leather and fabrics

Another popular champion are the leather bracelets. The material, already common in watches which is often the gateway for more conservative men. Tissue wristbands ride this trend: among the advantages of this type are the cheaper price and the vast choice of colors.


Learn How Men Wear Bracelets

By presenting different colors, sizes, shapes and designs, the men's bracelets can compose diverse visuals and be present in the wrists of men of different styles. The important thing is to understand the best part for the style and physical type of who will use the accessory.

Long wristbands, for example, usually draw more attention. They should be explored, therefore, by men seeking a more funky look. The trim looks great on those who have long, thin arms, because the size of the material will break the length of the body a little.

On the other hand, fine bracelets should be indicated to men with a more discreet or conservative profile. In this case, the piece will form a more clean and minimalist look.

A special care to the colors must be taken so that the garment does not lose the harmony. In general, the tip is to follow the same teaching that is applied in the combination of clothing: use neutral colors (white, black, gray or low intensity shades) as a foundation and choose a strong color to highlight.


Offer several options

Because it is a very eclectic material, it is interesting to offer customers several bracelet options. Remember that simpler designs are ideas for conservative men who are not yet in the habit of using this type of adornment.

Thus a fine <a href="">leather bracelets</a> can be offered to a man who is buying a jewel for his wife .

The married sale can also be used for men who already wear bracelets. In that case, for those who like more modern looks, having more flashy pieces can encourage the customer to bring several models to match the clothing.

Whether made of materials such as leather, metal or stone, whether coated in neutral or strong colors, men's bracelets have become an option that caters to different profiles of modern men. Leveraging this trend is a smart strategy to leverage sales and expand the consumer market of your jewelry.


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