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By Russell Morris


This mission
was activated nine months ago
when a children's book
was discovered
in which  are embedded
detailed information
about the secret evil magic device
which is used
to keep us all
under a deep Spell,
keeping us all,  collectively and individually,
from ever reaching
our true potential
as humans.

The mission
is to deliver The Message
about The Antidote
for breaking The Spell:
Unhoardable Money is The Antidote;
Money with demurrage.
It's not surprising
this french descriptive
having to do with
The Shipping Industry.
The French have a long history in magic.
And The Shipping Empire
is run by Vikings.
"Viking" magic.

But it doesn't really matter
who is to blame.
It has been said looong ago,
"They know not
what they are doing."
Regarding money that is.

The Antidote
which will break The Spell
is unhoardable money;
money with demurrage;
"ice money",  which "melts",
if I just hold onto it
or try to keep it in a vault
for years.

We must formally declare demurrage on money,
The US dollar for starters,
because there are more hidden
paper US cash dollars
than any other currency.

We need a currency
(there should never be a shortage)
to properly distribute
the miraculous output we are
capable of.

And we need a stable currency
to run this incredibly powerful
industrial machine,
for which infrastructure is so important.
Oh if it could be a machine
in the Schauberger sense.
(see Viktor Schauberger and Callum Coates)

And it most definitely will be miraculous
when we use
money with demurrage
to manage
and refine it.
If you want to ease the pressure on The Planet
and all of Humanity,
declaring demurrage on money (The US dollar)
will have
by far
the biggest, quickest, and most far reaching
beneficial impact
of all.

If you want a miraculous adventure
you don't need to play a game
or escape at all.
Just put this on your signs
and start talking about it.
It's already happening:

Angel NicGillicuddy
help us
unfund The Dark Forces.

"Let's begin a Ceremony.
Here is The Opening
from a book of magic
newly discovered
in The Oldest Temple known."
Angel points to her mind.

Long long ago, thousands of years ago,
somewhere completely unfamiliar,
two psychotic manic voices
were having a conversation.
It was impossible to understand.
And very scary.
Here is the translation:
"Hoardable Money"
This is our Shibboleth.
With this  we can bring down the human
and destroy this whole world.
Make sure that we always continue using
the traditional form of money
which is able to be hoarded.
This simple condition
must ALWAYS get overlooked
or pushed aside,   or ignored.
Anything else can change. Talk about ANYTHING else.
But be sure that this,
"money which is able to be hoarded"; hoardable money,
the same for ever
til the end of time,
so that The Evil Forces   always prevail
no matter how hard  The Forces of Good try ...
our hoardable money will always provide
for destruction.
NOT long ago,
around the year 1911,
a magic book was written
which contains a new Shibboleth
to fight these evil forces:
"Ice Money",
which "melts" if I just hold onto it
or hoard it,
It must flow.
It is money  which decays  little by little,
like everything else
It has no special privileges.
It must  circulate.
And we all know,
Life requires good circulation,
Uninterrupted, unobstructed,
smooth, continuous ...

A very old quote:
"It is said,  The People
in order to survive,
will adapt.  It is natural
NOT  to fight."



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