By Russell Morris


Regarding The Basic Income with Demurrage
as a distribution mechanism,
and  our Agent of Transformation

A message from Silvio,
embedded in a book of magic;

"After 30 YEARS
of watching closely
what was happening
with The Two "No Eyes Guys"  (The Cash Mob Elite)
and us
i began to understand
and see
what was going on.

I focused my attention
for a long time
and i called upon The Three Magicians.
They came to help me,
and we purified our money.
We invented "ice money";
money which "melts"  if I just hold onto it;
money with demurrage.
A superior weapon
which would help EVERYONE,
hurting no one,
not even the two "no eyes guys".

The Three Magicians
had one more thing up their sleeve
to make the purification complete.
And that was ...
a special Magic Potion;
our Agent of Transformation;
The Basic Income.

We were purifying our money,
but we had been working
with the hoardable money
for sooo long
that we needed something
to help us transform all of our bad habits.
The Agent of Transformation
helped us with this..
It also helped to put all of our factories
on the right path
by sending them
"The Historic Next Order"

What is The Agent of Transformation ( The Basic Income ) ?
And what is The Historic Next Order ?
I will elaborate.

In Mirror City
we made our move
to take away the power
from The Two No Eyes Guys.
It was no secret.
We invited them to join us.
Everyone was invited
to exchange their hoardable money
for "ice money".
No one was forced to do anything.

Very soon
things began to turn around.
The fog lifted, the smoke cleared.
We saw that there was already
PLENTY of food  and clothes
and cars,  and really
plenty of everything
already being cranked out by the factories.
We had divided our labor between us so well
and we were working with so much automation,
that we had plenty  of everything.

However, it was not getting to everyone who needed it.

Using ice money,  we quickly realized
that there was also plenty of MONEY available now.
Especially old cash.
Because none of it was being hoarded anymore.
Ice money flowed
and we all began to Qi Gong
through The Money Gate.
We did not fully know
where we would end up.
We were told by The Magicians
that The Monet Gate
was something like
a portal
which led to a parallel universe,
one just like this one,
but where everything WORKED
much easier,
and in a balanced way
harmonious with Nature.
And,   they told us
it would lead us
to create other worlds.
Still using money with demurrage...
when necessary.

It is said
that the worst torture
is for a person to be placed amongst
poor suffering and starving people
with no way to help them.

We have endured this torture for a long time.
Finally, this torture would come to an end.
We offered everyone, each person,
a "Magic Potion".
It is our Agent of Transformation;
The Basic Income.

"Ice Money" flowed.
It did not sit in one spot and just melt away.
And work opportunities arose continuously
from this "eternal spring"
of unhoardalbe money.
Many of these work opportunities
came from the areas of
Earth Restoration,
People Restoration,
Self Restoration.

It was realized
that The Great Flood
of this cash paper money,
in fact rising from The Dark Realms,
provided plenty of money
for making The Magic Potion;
our Agent of Transformation.

Each person who wants it
receives a dose
of this Magic Potion
exactly when it is needed
in order to make sure
that no one ever
goes broke  ( without money )

Here is what is written
on the back of each bottle or dose
of our Agent of Transformation;
The Basic Income.

"There are four guidelines for taking this
Magic Potion:
1. To assure the proper distribution
of all the backed up inventory*
* This comes from the effects of automation,  and so called "overproduction"
as a consequence of using hoardable money, and The BOOM and BUST cycles it creates.
2 To migrate   to wherever you most want to live
because this Magic Potion
inspires LOCAL work and trade.
3 To help you take care of yourself
so that you may help take care of others.
4 The Basic Income MUST "melt" ( it must be money with demurrage )
And,  it CANNOT leave the country.
For example, there are regular US dollars with demurrage,
and there are Basic Income dollars with demurrage.

PS This Magic Potion does contain ice money.
It is to be used for buying the things that you need ( the basics ).
Otherwise, little by little, it will melt away,
and just before you receive  the next dose
all of the old dose vanishes.
A person receives the doses at intervals
determined by how well that person
is able to manage money.
Some people may need their doses daily.

I will leave it up to the countries,
but it is certainly possible,
there are enough hidden US cash paper dollars,
that some very clever financing can be worked out.

to be continued ...


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