Unexpected Meeting

By Russell Morris


Unexpected Meeting

In The War Room

Abraxas watches
as The Shipping Empire
and The Land Lords
begin to clash.

Pretty much
out of the blue
Abraxas exclaims in a peaceful
but firm way;
"I've surrendered"

Puzzled looks
from JD and JP

"But,   what about ...the, the ..."
JD replies, still very puzzled.

JP finishes the question.

Abraxas reads from a letter he is holding
in his claw:
"The Monster Octopus is subdued.
I have captivated
it's crystal eye ball
and I
now have it, The Octopus,
in a trance.
Angel NicGillicuddy
about three years ago,
Special Advisor
to The POTUS

Abraxas grabs hold of another letter
also addressed to him,
this one signed,
about ten years ago.
And he reads it:
"Petty  perverted   bribes.
I'm going to beat you at this game
if it's the last thing i do.
I won't give up. Never.
I know about the secret evil magic device
you are using
against us all:
Hoardable Money.
I know about your secret evil magic device;
hoardable money.
And i also know
what will break us free
from The Spell
of hoardable money;
Unhoardable Money. Money with Demurrage.  ( NOT negative interest)
Two  Final Blows
are coming your way.
you   will be subservient to us,
The Workers.  Yes, including  me.
I have The Two Edged Sword Coming from The Mouth.
You will find out,
little by little,
as i set The Stage.
will come,
but The Battle with you (Beast)
will be easily manged.
The Real Battle
will take place
inside The Consciousness
of each person
when The Choice
is finally  presented;
Everyone would of course like to enjoy
the blessings of civil and
international peace,
and at the same time
live on capital interest.
But those who have discovered
that the possibility of doing so
is a Utopian fantasy,
an illusion of naive minds;
those who recognize
that war and interest are inseparable,
must choose
one or the other
of these alternatives;
Either interest and war,
or  earned  income  and peace.
Such persons,
if really animated by peaceful,
Christian feelings (and i believe that Mohammad felt the same),
will accept with enthusiasm
the latter alternative;
such persons have the right inner preparation
for understanding The Natural Economic Order,
it is for them
that the book has been written,
and it is they also who,
undeterred by opposition,
will carry through
the reforms it proposes."

Shipping Empire: quiet.
Land Lords: silence.
Abraxas: just the sound   of  the breathing.

Now Abraxas reads from the first letter again:
"Meet me  at The Prague Castle.
Three keys; bring them.
Four left to ...
talk to:

all the keys
will be together,
and me.

Yours Truly
Angel NicGillicuddy


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