Episode 01 | Iran Unapologetic

What will it mean for the Middle East if the regime falls in Iran? What are the consequences for countries such as Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Yemen? Can the Hezbollah movement maintain its dominant position when armaments and money flow stop? What will happen to Iran-sponsored militias in Yemen and to the balance of power in Syria?

There has been a lot of talk about Iran lately. On the surface, Mahsa Amini's death seems to have set ablaze a smoldering resistance against the country's political leaders. Outrage reigns in the media, but broader and deeper analyses surrounding the protests are scarce. Meanwhile, the turmoil is relevant to many countries' military, political and economic future. No one knows the lot, but Arthur and Shorah explore the scenarios.

Arthur Blok worked for years in Lebanon as a correspondent and has lived in Dubai since 2014. On (this week the-levant.com and) the-liberum.com platforms for dissent, he reports on his findings in the Middle East. He also wrote five books, including two about Geert Wilders: 'It can't get much crazier' and 'It has become that crazy.

Shohreh Feshtali needs no further introduction, she has been the familiar face for Weltschmerz followers for months at Weltschmerz events and many interviews. Born and raised in Iran, she is still well aware of what is going on there. Outside of the media stories, she gets first-hand information from friends and family there.

Arthur Blok

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