Episode 04 | You are not allowed to criticise Moroccans

Dutch Emeritus professor Paul Cliteur wrote in 2016 Bardot, Fallaci, Houellebecq and Wilders (2016). A book Cliteur published after presenting the Dutch court with a report about a speech Geert Wilders held after the closing of the polls years earlier.

Arthur Blok interviews him about this particular work.

Wilders asked his audience various questions and ended his speech with the question, “Do you want more or fewer Moroccans? To which the public scanted: “Less, less (Moroccans)”. For that question, Wilders was prosecuted and ultimately convicted.

Cliteur, who analysed the matter as part of Wilders’ defence team, sees this conviction as a mistake. The book and the conversation are about the thinning of the judiciary and public administration. About the woke politics of D66, freedom of expression, party bans and current political events.

Blok, known for his impartial and neutral approach, has a very interesting conversation with Cliteur about the books. Blok wrote two books about Wilders (2008 & 2018) and was interviewed by Cliteur for Weltschmerz.

Episode II of this series can be viewed here, and Episode III here.

Language: Dutch (with subtitles).

Arthur Blok

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