Episode 02 | This is as Crazy as it Gets: books you are not supposed to read

The Liberum editor-in-chief (author & political scientist) Arthur Blok published in 2018 his second book about Dutch politician Geert Wilders: 'This is as crazy as it gets - Geert Wilders, from a one-man faction to a broad popular movement.'

In recent polls, Wilders’ Party for Freedom (PVV) has become the largest party in the Netherlands, a good reason for discussing the PVV. How is it possible that a party that is spat out by all mainstream newspapers can become so big?

How can a party that receives no airtime from almost all the Dutch public broadcasters possibly break through in this way? Blok's book differs from other books about Wilders, which often criticize him and his supporters.

Blok, known for his impartial and neutral approach, does not do that. He also adds his broad Middle Easter experience and vision into this fascinating conversation with Dutch emeritus professor Paul Cliteur.

Language: Dutch (with subtitles).

Arthur Blok

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