about money with demurrage

Leaked document
from the meeting
Pennywise    and The Beast
Which was held at The Headquarters
of The Shipping Empire
just drifting
in the doldrums
far out
in The Deep Blue Sea
October 2, 2019  (crescent moon waxing)
Chapter Three (from book 3  of The Books of Wee Thoughts entitled
Chapter III )
also,   the trailer for the movie
soft Armenian music.
Angel   sitting at the kitchen table
with her parents,
having a talk after dinner
just before bedtime.
6 year old Angel NicGillicuddy  is in her pajamas,
a kilt,
holding her little dog Cash.
With Scottish Accent:
We've received   this unusual letter  in the dookit." ( the mailbox )
The Dad is quiet
and looks a little   like he has given up
and it almost seems    that he is relaxing    a little.
Mom looks for Angel's  response..... Nothing.
anyway,    I'm just goin'  ta  read it."
She is looking at Dad.
She takes a deep breath ...
and exhales,
sensing her breathing.
Reading from the letter
( It is written on a piece of old looking  black  paper
  with white text. some red splotches here and there )
"Dear Angel ...
I surrender.
I have  surrendered."
The lights in the kitchen   all  slowly  dim ...
just the candle  on the table glows now.
The flame flickers just a little
blowing in a wind  which has come from nowhere.
Mom leans forward  from where she was standing with the letter,
leaning against the wall,
out  from the darkness she comes,
but sure enough   for just a second
there in the dark
she looks  a little like ...
you guessed it,
a clown.
But not  a mean one.
A nice one.
a little suspicious looking though.
As she comes into the light
she is Mom again
maybe just a little different somehow.
She puts the letter on the table
and continues to read
as she slowly
sinks into a chair
next to Angel
sitting there  with Cash in her lap.
From the letter:
"An old ship   has come ashore.
A great wooden ARK
named  The Moo-La.
I knew that it would eventually arrive here."
She sighs  and looks at Angel   quizzically.
She leans against the table
and looks gently at Angel.
Dad reaches into the picture.
At first  his hand  has an unusual
vague green color to it,
kind of greenish white.
Real old looking.
He grabs the letter
and leans way back in his chair
yawning  and stretching
with the letter in his hand,
he stretches
reaching way up
above his head.
He opens his mouth  really wide open.
It's quiet for a moment.
A scratching sound is heard
coming from somewhere down along the floor.
It's just a mouse.
"Wee beasties!?!  Dad says in a whisper.
But  it's kind of weird.
It's really quiet in the kitchen now.
Dad continues reading from the letter:
"Take your friends
and go to No-No's cave.
Your phone can tell you how to get there.
This cave will lead you to
the beginning  of your journey...
A huge  mountain pile  of incredible,  unbelievable
On top of this massively huge  hidden hoard  of gold
and priceless money  cash
will find  magic bottle
stored  inside  a glass treasure chest.
Take the top off
and rub the bottle
and you will meet
your guide,
Silvio Gesell.
You   have already won Angel.
I am
at your service,
                        The Beast
And Dad shows Angel the signature.
This scene ends
and the camera pans  out out  out
til we see  that
Angel  lives  in an old  Nordic Village
on the coast of
After the camera pans out
there is a dark screen
and rumbling thunder.
Then gradually
the screen lightens up
and we see Angel
standing  at the entrance
to the dark cave.
Wind is blowing her very shabby looking hair
( it is blue with red streaks )
She has on  a kilt.
Very subtly  it can be seen
that in the darkness behind her
is Abraxas,  the dragon,
his red eyes  dimly shinning.
The Sun is setting
and it's very quiet
just a gentle breeze ...
and the sound
of breathing
of Angel   and Abraxas.
Suddenly,  CHA CHING  ( a sound  like a cash register,
but also somewhat  like a sword being drawn )
Angel opens her mouth
very wide
and then cocks her head back,
and out of her mouth
thrusts the blade
of a battle sword.
There is old blood
which floats up
off  the edge of the blade    ( the blade is left like sparkling new )
into the darkening sky,
and the horizon
turns red
a sparkling planet or two can be seen.
And then   The Beast  is heard
reading  the PS
to the letter sitting on the kitchen table.
Can you imagine a voice
that sounds like the most calm  and relaxed voice  in the world ?...
"Red sky  at night
 sailors' delight.
to unhoardable money.
to declaring demurrage
on The US Dollar.
Here here."
The scene turns black suddenly.
There is the sound  of thunder
and a message in red:
"Hoardable Money = Fear
Unhoardable Money = Transformation."
Yours Truly,
Angel NicGillicuddy

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