In Andijan will be built an ecoairport in appearance of Uzbekistan emblem

The Andijan airport is reconstructed and replaced with in appearance of Uzbekistan emblem, which will meet the requirements of world standards.  This was stated by the representative of Andijan region on investment and economic development of foreign countries Farhodjon Rasulov.

On June 25, 2019, the mayor of the region, Shuhratbek Abdurakhmanov, visited China's Zhejiang Comminications Construction Group Co.,  Ltd, Ro Ren Kiong and Walter Ferrone, Italian CEO, and acquainted themselves with the investment projects they are implementing.

The head of the region told the guests that all opportunities for the development of investment projects in recent years have been created in the country, and that the effective use of each investor depends on the willingness of the khokimiyats for their assistance.

"We have looked at Andijan airport together with local experts," said Ren Renong Kyong.  - We have a lot more interest.  Now, as we said to the head of the region, the airport will be replaced with a new airport that meets the requirements of the new modern world standards.  One of the prominent aspects of the project is the port terminal, which is emblem of Uzbekistan.  Construction works will start in August of this year and will be completed by the end of next year. "

"The company is financing large international projects," says Walter Ferro.  - We are interested in several projects in Andijan.  In particular, we propose to finance the implementation of the Andijan project.  We are confident that officials will support this initiative. "

At the end of the meeting, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed.

There were also talks and negotiations with investors from Pakistan and Turkey.


By Sherzod Karimov


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