By Russell Morris


It is the day after the new moon ceremony
And just to stay aligned
with the effects of their magical ceremony,
and in order to remain clear and awake and aware,
The Beast and Angel NicGillicuddy
call upon their very special
Oracle Guide.

6:00 on Wednesday the 27th,
The sky is golden
and there is a rainbow
with sparkling rain
(drops of light rain
which are reflecting
the light of the setting sun).

Angel places the bottle next to the fire and takes the top off.
They are inside of a massive structure;
A Zoroastrian fire temple.
Blue lava flows out of the bottle
across the alter
and down to the floor,
where it builds up
into a blue statue
of Silvio Gesell.

“When all the charity food and other things
start getting sent,
it will affect
the local businesses
ALOT, not in a good way.
Because then
they will lose sales,
which will put them in a bad situation
and then they
won’t be able
to pay their bills,
including rent,
which will put
The landholders
in a bad situation.
They usually turn to
The Government
to do something.
The government will often
print more new traditional hoardable Money.
But this is not a good idea,
because it won’t be long before
that money
ends up in the hands
of your enemy;
The Cash Mob Elite.
They are the only ones who can afford
to “collect” the paper Money
and just add it to
The Mountain of cash,
Which funds
The Dark Forces,
who instigate ANY form of
The Cash Mob Elite
ANY movement
as long as it does not mention UNHOARDABLE  money.
Including all of the publicity the climate protesters get.
Nothing against the protesters,
but if they start to discuss “Demurrage on money”
they will quickly lose their publicity,
even though declaring Demurrage on the US dollar
would help their cause more than anything else
by far.
Sometimes The Cash Mob Elite WILL allow
distorted and confusing
and wrong
about unhoardable money
(money with Demurrage)
to get through.
Like calling it “negative interest”.
But negative interest leaves all of the cash paper money
unaffected and free
to continue it’s dirty work.

There is a ton (maybe more)
paper cash US dollars
which could and would surface
to take care of your money dilemma.
But it won’t happen
And your system and predicament will not change at all,
in fact it will get much worse,
unless you declare Demurrage on the US dollar.

President Trump and the other members of
The Demurrage Gang
are doing a good job
flushing out
some of these hidden cash paper US dollars in the meantime.

And being prepared
to utilize your National currency
is a good move.
It is true
that if all the countries
are using their national currency
with Demurrage (which must be formally declared by each country)
there will not be the same old problem
of the money changers,
who take advantage of the defect in your present traditional Money
which is hoardable
and which allows your enemy,
The Cash Mob Elite,
to withdrawal money
and withhold it from circulation,
in order to manipulate everything;

“Here is an old story from a magic book called ShiBboLeTh:
Long long ago, thousands of years ago, somewhere completely unfamiliar,
two psychotic manic voices were having a conversation.
It was impossible to understand
and sounded very scary.
I will translate it for you.

“Hoardable money”,
this is our shibboleth.
With this we can bring down the human
and destroy this whole world.
Make sure that we always continue using
the traditional form of money, which is able to be hoarded.
This simple condition must ALWAYS
get overlooked or pushed aside.
Or ignored.
Anything else can change.
Talk about ANYTHING else.
But always make sure that this;
“ money which is able to be hoarded”; hoardable money,
the same forever,
till the end of time,
so that the evil forces
always prevail,
no matter how hard the forces of good try ...
our hoardable Money will always provide
for destruction.

Not long ago, around the year 1911, a magical book was written which contains a new ShiBboLeTh to fight these evil Forces;
Ice Money **
which melts little by little.
Money which is impossible to hoard
and cause destruction.

** “Ice Money”, which “melts”
if I just hold onto it or hoard  it.
It must flow.
It is money which decays little by little,
like everything else natural.
It has no special privileges.
It must circulate.
And we all know
Life requires good circulation,
uninterrupted, unobstructed, smooth, continuous.

Here is a very old quote:
It is said,
The People,
in order to survive,
will adapt.
It is natural
not to fight.”

Silvio takes a deep breath,
and the blue lava
flows backwards,
back into the bottle.


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