By Russell Morris


Two years of hard work by the Trump administration
and the Xi administration,
even in the midst of the headlining impeachment party,
should be recognized more clearly
to show the people
how historic
this agreement really is.

This deal represents the two largest economies in the world
literally working together
to ensure a more stable manufacturing and supply
of goods needed by people
all over the world.
All the nations will benefit from it
including Iran, potentially,
if their leaders are interested in joining The Demurrage Gang
instead of The Cash Mob Elite.

And now
equals even more stability for our global industrial and agricultural complexes,
represented by each nation.
It is the beginning of the new
Economic Olympics,
each National participant striving
for new records
while we cheer them on.

These deals also mean
cleaner, greener operations because NEW technologies
will come online,
not the same old technologies we have been stuck with
because of the unstable and imbalanced previous conditions,
including FORCED recessions,
which are not based upon reality but instigated upon us, the workers,  by the removal of cash
paper money
from circulation;
the secret trick of
The Cash Mob Elite.
The Fed only follows, trying desperately to regulate, unsuccessfully, a form of money which can so easily be removed from circulation and hidden and then invested secretly in the operations of The Dark Forces.
This will no longer be the case when we use
unhoardable money with Demurrage.

This deal between China and the United States
will show how
intelligent negotiations
the largest communist country
the largest capitalist country can lead us all
to the new ways and ideas.
And it will also lead to new ways of working together with Russia.

It is natural,
gradually and inevitably,
that these negotiations
and their progress
will lead us through the passage of
The Money Gate
The Natural Economic Order
(Silvio Gesell).

All it takes is
The Two Edged Sword
coming from The Mouth.
This Sword has no blood on it.
What is The Two Edged Sword
coming from The Mouth?
It is two new ideas
or ways of doing business
which are brought forth
from the mouth
to the discussion table;
the new money which can’t be accumulated on one side
with a huge debt on the other.
And, like this new money,
unhoardable Land.
Whether one party or both parties engage this Sword
it will mean returning
back into alignment
with reciprocal trade.
(essentially, ultimately
“energetic”  reciprocity)
This means so much
for our desires of a cleaner, greener, more efficient and effective industrial complex.

The ultimate enforcer
for reciprocity
unhoardable money with Demurrage.
This is already known by all the members of
The Demurrage Gang.
It is even known by some
sons and daughters of
The Cash Mob Elite.
They will help us.

Thank you to all who worked so focused and diligently
day and night
to put this historic deal together
for our world.
They are heroes in my book.
Angel NicGillicuddy
“Closer investigation
of the negative interest rate
will expose it’s huge flaw;
the hidden cash paper money,
mostly US paper dollars,
left uninterrupted
to continue its funding of
The Dark Forces.”
-The Beast


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