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By Russell Morris


Friday the 13th

There is a candle on an old
Persian table
in the center of a jungle cabina.
on one side
and Angel* on the other,
the two pace back and forth for several minutes before even looking at one another.
Just being with the breathing.

* Baron Samedi
* Angel NicGillicuddy

“Baron, what happens to all the money in Haiti?” Angel begins the conversation.
“Stolen.” replies Baron
“Why?” asks Angel.
“Temptation ... and fear.”
Baron continues to pace.

Now Angel stops and looks at Baron directly.
“Tell us the trick. And I warn you, I already know all about it.” she says.

The Beast peeks through the open door.
He is outside keeping watch.
And there are four young friends with phone cams sitting on nice cozy throne-like chairs in each corner of the room. They too are watching.

There is a small treasure chest on the table. A gift from Angel.
Baron pulls a bottle from it,
and pours a drink. He spills this one on the ground and then pours another and drinks it down, and pours another.
“The trick.” he says, and takes a deep breath.
“Your masters,
The Cash Mob Elite
know the trick. Do you know their ShiBboLeTh?”

“Well yes I do. replies Angel,
But I want to hear from you.
We want to hear from you.”

“Ha ha ha haaa”
Baron starts laughing so hard.
And then tears come from his eyes.
“Are you ok?” Angel asks.
“Very strange... I think I’m happy.” Baron says.

Suddenly Angel’s phone rings.
“Hi Angel, it’s your Mother
I just want to say I love you.”
“I love you too Mum.”
“Ok dear I’ll talk to you later.”
“Ok see ya.”

Baron takes another deep breath.
“The Money is hoardable.
It is easily removed from circulation and hidden.
It disappears
into The Dark Realms,
where it operates to manipulate
and feed
The Dark Forces.
Deep in a cave
unbelievable amounts of cash paper US dollars
are kept
and piling up more and more,
every time new money is issued whether it’s paper money or currency.*
Because it can.”
* “Money” by Francis Walker

“Some people say there are very few  paper US dollars around anymore.
Not true.
The California Gold Rush*
brought on the printing of
A Great Flood
of cash paper US dollars.
*shmoop.com California Gold Rush
This brought on general prosperity, which caused a problem
for The Cash Mob Elite,
who live only by unearned interest Income.
they conjured up a war,
and little by little all the paper dollars disappeared into The Dark Realms.
Electronic currency(s),
still hoardable,
begin to fill the gap to replace the “disappearing” paper money US paper dollars.
But the paper Money did NOT go away.
IT just moved to The Dark Realms.
This has been going on for a long time.”
“Why?” asks Angel.
“Cheating. Conniving. Dirty rotten good for nothing.” Baron’s voice got louder and LOUDER, and he began to spit and stomp. “HUMANS! GREEDY STUPID !?x@#$9 ...

Angel just watched.
All the cameras were alive.

Angel poured a drink
and handed it to Baron,
along with a cigar,
and lit it for him.
She was calm
just being with her breathing.

“Back to the trick my friend.” she says.

“The hoardable form of money
is poison.
It is the evil
serpent’s apple.
The Antidote,
which will bring us
the rainbow
and the pot of gold,
is unhoardable money
with Demurrage.
But do not confuse the gold
with money.
There are other uses for gold these days.
The money comes from deep in a cave; The Underground City*.”

“How do we get this money back?” Angel asks.

* see the article by The Levant News, “Preliminary Meeting and The Settlement part two”.

Baron opens a second bottle and pours another drink.
“Declare Demurrage on The US dollar. Salainte!”
Baron drinks down
and then smashes his glass
into The Alter.
to be continued...
Now that The USMCA has passed,
more money will be needed.
‘First the deals then the money’
is the way it goes.
But will The Fed agree?
Or will President Trump be nudged again, to pull out
The Demurrage Card?

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