Humans.. right? "Few words for none and not for all"

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So let me see if I get it Right. After dismantling the worship and reverence for all the gods, you declared, “In God we trust.”  Then, Zarathustra descended from the lofty mountains of wisdom with a profound declaration: “God is dead” based on your Gay Science.

By Fritz Nietz
Human rights were recognized and established as a new framework for universal human interconnectedness. You aptly organized your relationships, laws, businesses, politics, and even the conflicts we face.

This inclusivity extends, you said, to all individuals, irrespective of their race, gender, nationality, and more. You agreed that Human rights are needed to protect and preserve every individual’s humanity, to ensure that every individual can live a life of dignity and a life worthy of a human being. But what if these individuals were animals?

Slavery, colonization, domination, and extermination of all the brutes seem to be behind you. However, a Crackup in your sacred chart sneaks out from the devil’s detail. Your Chart rights reveal exceptions.

Civilization is shown to be just a marketing mask or an advertising makeup. Somehow and someway, the old annihilation of the natives, colonization, mass killing, and many more seem to be in a way re-tolerated.

Let me restart: under “The self-defense” " if someone took innocent humans as shields, do we have the right to kill them and the kidnapers as well? We have the right to destroy the shields[1], children’s territories, houses, hospitals, media, journalists, ambulances, doctors, and schools, all along with the kidnappers.

If I get it right, we can sacrilege their holy sacred places and liquidate their families, their men, women, and elders. Can we wipe out their existence and their pets? Can we convert their buildings to zipped graves? Can we bury them alive? Can we sell their body parts? Can we, to prevail, siege these animals and poison the olive trees so they will never grow again in a hundred years?

The sheriff, whom I’ve never shot, said, “Son when I crossed the lines, it was a necessary Evil! I sacrificed the missing lamb to save the 99th. There is always collateral damage. After all, it was nothing personal. So sorry for your loss.”

Then, an old senator replied with a strong fist, “The right is what I say it is.” The old righteous fable hit us again: “ La raison du plus fort est toujours la meilleure”. Homo homini lupus, the Wolfs triumph over all the lambs.. later on, Lupus est lupus pro lupum, Wolfs become wolf to wolfs.

Is it clear that you should use a double standard? This is where Zarathustra becomes a terrorist. Even when he is armless and harmless, trying to protect his lonely son behind him. Even when he is waving in distress, begging to shoot him and spare his son.

The rules for thee but not for me are those of the strong and the brave. You can be disguised as a lamb, a bible in your hand, seeking your promised lands. Your oil aims to justify all mean means.

You learned very well from your teen mistakes, and now you never go to war alone. The best way is to incite others to do it while you stand washing your hands with freedom and democracy. Even better, Freedom and Democracy become the updated Trojan Horse. To have peace, others must die to rest in peace or surrender.

Excuse my naivety. I can’t help but wonder, what if all the countless zillions of dollars spent over the years to support your defenses and presumed allies were instead shared with all those involved in disputes? It is more economically profitable; everybody is wealthy enough to consume more.

It seems that you also have your soft way. Yesterday, you used to put an unreachable carrot in front of a donkey. Now you let it have it gently, through soft drinks and junk food, and every donkey, monkey; junky wants to be a movie star.

It became a global, ideal lifestyle; it feels Cool to put the “F” word after two words. However, your most significant achievement is the tablets. Not any tablets but smart ones in different shapes. There is an ultimate condition; it should be equipped with a camera and internet and weekly Updates.

Here they are; everybody is living on his cloud. After all, behind every web, there is a spider, right? Can we refrain from it one last time… please:

One little bug went out to play,
On a spider’s web one day.
He had ever so much fun,
He called for another bug to come. T
Wo little bugs went out to play,
On a spider’s web one day.
They had ever so much fun,
They called for another bug to come.
Three little bugs went out to play,
On a spider’s web one day.
They had ever so much fun,
They called for another bug to come.
Four little bugs went out to play,
On a spider’s web one day.
They got stuck, all in a bunch.
And along came Spider, in time for lunch!

It is pretty alarming how our children are captivated by these tablets, reminiscent of the old witch’s house. Do you give a four-year-old kid a thousand dollars? Of course not. Who would have thought we would be willing to spend a thousand dollars on a tablet for a four-year-old? Yet, they have cleverly devised a system where we pay the hefty price. Indeed, it is an astonishing feat worthy of the Guinness World Records.

Your pursuit of happiness between the hard way and the soft way seems a bit expensive. A price that others should pay,



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