Country: Kuwait

The Liberum06/12/2021

Geagea committed to defending Beirut blast probe

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea has pledged that his party would confront any “bargain” aimed […]
The Liberum26/09/2021

Kuwaiti PM wants Iran to open up relations with whole region

The prime minister of Kuwait has called on Iran to take serious steps to build […]
The Liberum10/08/2021

Qatar shura elections spur controversy says BBC

Candidacy requirements to take part in Qatar’s Shoura Council elections have sparked widespread controversy on […]
The Liberum01/08/2021

Kuwait to pioneer cities for electric vehicles

Kuwait Ports Authority (KPA) has approved a proposal to build the Middle East's first city […]
The Liberum10/06/2021

Islamic insurance buoyed up corona crisis

The Islamic insurance market will continue to grow at current levels in the coming two […]
The Liberum06/04/2021

Decarbonisation in joint US-UAE pledges

The United States and the United Arab Emirates will work together on coordinating finance to […]
The Liberum18/02/2021

Happy Arab-American families fight against US stereotypes via TikTok

Social media is inundated with offensive content, including hate, anger, personal attacks and, of course, […]
The Liberum25/01/2021

Kuwait's emir reappoints PM against parliament's wishes

Kuwait’s emir reappointed Sheikh Sabah al-Khalid al-Sabah as prime minister on Sunday after the cabinet […]
The Liberum10/12/2020

Kuwait's scientific ambitions reach International Space Station

The first ever Kuwaiti scientific experiment was launched into the International Space Station, a major […]
The Liberum07/12/2020

Opposition makes stunning win in Kuwaiti elections

Opposition candidates made gains in a parliamentary vote in Kuwait in which two thirds of […]