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Lebanese artist Gilda Lucas Nader makes stained glass and mosaics reachable for everyone

“Creativity takes courage”, French artist Henri Matisse who is known for his colorful work once said. Courage is exactly what Lebanese-born American artist Gilda Lucas Nader showed when she enrolled in a stained glass course a few years ago and discovered her artistic side. “The only thing you need is some creative ideas and the right mindset.”

By Arthur Blok
The magic effect of sunlight pouring through antique colored glass still captivates us. Contemporary artists are reviving the technique through modern design. Nostalgic and timeless, relatively, expensive to put in your home. Not anymore.

The modern-day artist from Washburn in the state of Maine (U.S.A.) makes it affordable for all kinds of budgets. “It all started a little over two years ago, at my son’s school. They organized a course for ‘stained glass art’, I enrolled and soon I realized I had a talent for it”, said Gilda.

Being born in Lebanon she loved mosaics and stained glass: visible everywhere in the country. Beautiful mosaics can be found in various historical sites in Lebanon, and the stained glass in one of the many old churches and buildings.

Gilda: “I remember looking at those stained glass windows in the church, and I was fascinated with the designs and used colors. I always said to myself if I ever have some time, I will try it myself.’ I enrolled in the course and I immediately loved it. I bought all the needed equipment, created my atelier at home and the rest is history.”

The technique is not so complicated as it looks, the Lebanese-born American artist explains: “You need some specific tools like glass, a solder, copper, some creative ideas, and - of course - the right mindset. Once you understand the technique, you can make whatever you have in mind.”

To keep it affordable for herself and her clients Gilda buys her materials ‘smart’. The real cost factor is the amount of time spent. “It just takes a lot of time to make it, but then that is also the charm of doing it. I have pieces in all sorts of sizes and price categories.”

She decided to take her work to the next level. Her son helped her to launch a neat online art gallery called Gilda’s Art, stained glass, and mosaic arts. On the page, some of her nicest work is on display, most of them are for sale as well. It is possible to order - even specific customized pieces of art - from both the U.S. and abroad.

“I am also regularly participating in fairs around the country”, she said. “It gives me pride and energy to meet people who get enthusiastic about my work. Especially when I get orders to customize specific pieces of mosaic or stained glass.”

Lucas proved that with some courage, perseverance, and creativity nothing is impossible. “It all happened relatively fast: my fascination grew from a creative hobby into something more. How nice is that?”

Gilda’s Art can be visited on Facebook here.


Arthur Blok
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