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By Russell Morris


“ It has been three days
Since the full moon.”
Everything is calm and still
At the headquarters
Of Operation ShiBboLeTh.
Angel points to her temple.

“Now there will be discussion
About money with Demurrage
At the November 25 meeting.”
She is looking right into
The eye of The Beast.

“The ceremony went well.
If I am not there myself
I feel confident
That my thoughts will be
With the others who are.”

The Beast smiles and says to her
“ I will make sure of it.
I have the cash
And the technology.”

It does not matter
What kind of suspicions are cast.
It is automatic,
Well at least natural,
Like magic,
Once we begin using
Money with Demurrage
The forces of good
Will have the power,
And not
The forces of evil.

There is talent born
In every generation.
If money, The Great Midwife,
Is present,
That talent lives in prospers.
If not,
If money is not available,
Talent dies

Prepare for the New Renaissance.
The US is.
And once President Trump,
With help from The Demurrage Gang,
Declares Demurrage on the US dollar,
There will be PLENTY
Of help, money, for all the other nations
To do the same.

With the same money
Which has been used against us
For hundreds of years (1000s really)
We shall defeat evil.
There is no need for a whole new system.
Using money with Demurrage
We shall push THROUGH capitalism,
Working study without another recession

Cheers Jerome Powell.
Everything‘s going to be fine.
Much better in fact.
No I’m not talking about
Negative interest rates.

Remember me?
Angel NicGillicuddy

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