By Russell Morris


The Beast is looking out the window
having his tea and crumpets.
Suddenly, the wind is blowing very strange,
and there is a very loud whirling sound outside.
Down from the sky comes ...
something which is not really
It seems like just a chunk
of the sky
It lands in the courtyard
and then a door opens
and there is a nicely dressed soldier
holding a sign.
It says
Angel NicGillicuddy.
“Angel? The Beast calls out.
someone wants to see you.”

Angel goes to meet the soldier,
the door closes,
and the chunk of sky
moves upward,
and then it’s just gone.

Later that night,
The Beast is having tea (again)
by the fire.
It’s bedtime.
Then Angel enters the room
with her own tea.
And she proceeds to
tell the story
of her adventure that day.

“ I had lunch with President Trump.
We talked about a new kind of deal
which has never been mentioned before,
but one which we both
were very curious about.
We talked about
a form of financial security
for the protesters
in Iran
and Lebanon.
A business experiment,
nothing much to do with politics at all,
working with business leaders in these countries,
where an interest free loan is made
of US cash dollars
which are held as covering*
for engaging The Demurrage Plan,
including The Basic Income with Demurrage
and a National Currency with Demurrage.
We discussed how this could turn out to be
A clever and very successful
business opportunity
for everyone.

The economies of these two countries
would be dramatically improved.
And there would be a much better and more stable
Civil Environment
for working out
all the challenging
elements of conflict.

Money with Demurrage
In the form of The Basic Income with Demurrage
and a National Currency with Demurrage
would circulate
like magic
in these age-old channels of business
which are so well adapted
and almost second nature
or Natural.
And everything would WORK
like natural,
adapting like natural
to the new
natural money,
which decays
like everything else natural.
Even us.

But the soul of this new money
would never die.
It would be eternal,
even with us as we launched into space
to prepare other worlds
for Life.

Money with Demurrage
allows us to naturally
assume our true place
as The Hand of GOD,
receiving The GOD Message
from The Sun;
The Instructions
for how to prepare
for Life,
and carry out these instructions
without interference
or manipulation.

And when this loan
is made in cash US dollars
then something else
also happens,
The Dark Forces
become weaker.

The loan being made
without interest
is easily compensated for
by the steady stable
New Industrial Revolution
and Renaissance,
which happens naturally
where ever
Money with Demurrage
is used,
and which results in
more and more LOCAL
using highly sophisticated sustainable micro factories,
and easier and easier
human migration
to where ever a person feels most comfortable.

Salainte Beast.
And the two of them
hold up their cups
to the fire.
Sweet dreams.”

This plan will not only improve the economy of these two countries,
it will also improve the economy
of the US.
And when The USMCA
gets rolling
it will even help
Mexico and Canada.

Ceremony for
The Inauguration
of the chartering
of The First National Bank
of Free Money.

Our Slogan:
Why would anybody
want to keep a large stash of cash around
in a BOOMing economy,
or in a steadily improving, refining
New Industrial Revolution and Renaissance
that is stable
and more and more sustainable.

All the money you want to carry around with you
or have close at hand
will carry relatively
insignificant Demurrage charges,
because any investment in the
free-ed economy
will easily compensate for it.

The only thing that will change
are the harmful bad habits
which we have developed and blindly practiced
for a real long time.

But we will have the support of each other
to transform those bad habits
when we begin using
money with Demurrage.

President Trump could even declare
Demurrage on the same US dollars being loaned as National Security money himself,
and manage
the circulation
and supply of this money
always keeping
S = D,
and the CPI stable (the same. Dependable.)

And on top of always having good defensive military¥
maybe some of the NATO budget
can be used
as The Basic Income with Demurrage.

“Military” meaning
much more than just
guns and bullets.



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