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PAPER MONEY LEVERAGE, and “the Land part”

By Russell Morris


Angel continues her conversation with the old timer.
“I have a question for the Crystal eye ball.” she says
“What happens to the cash paper money payoffs?
Could the payoff have been transferred
without removing it from circulation?
Tell me JP what do YOU see?”
The old timer yawns.
And then lowers his sunglasses
to show his beady little eyes.
“Some people do not see
that cash paper Money
is not the same
as money in the bank.”
The room becomes very quiet.
“Go on.” Angel says.

J.P. continues:
“ I am able to remove
as much of the cash paper money as I want,
and put it straight away in my subterranean vault.
You know the one.
Don’t you Angel?”
She smiles.

“Like a boomerang
the cash paper money
returns to me
whenever I want it.
Others eventually
need to use their stash
but not me.
For me the paper money
is an incredibly powerful
secret leverage.
I use it to manipulate
market conditions all over the world so that all of the human teamwork falls apart
and you never get to keep all that you worked so hard to create.”
The old-timers voice changed somehow
and was beginning to sound very dark and dangerous.
He put his sunglasses back up
over his beady
fiery little eyes.
And cleared his throat.
“Do you think that is magic Angel?”
Angel replies,
“Is it magic anymore
when the trick is revealed
Dark Prince?”
In the whole coffee shop
you could hear a pin drop now.
Silence ...
the old timer says.
He smiles.
“Go on.” Angel says
smiling back.

The old timer continues,
“Never mind,
it’s a simple trick.
But I have created
a grand illusion with it
over these thousands of years especially these last 100 years
and I have everyone
under a very deep spell.

The Beast
has told me that the spirit
of Silvio Gesell
is back.
And he has told me about you too.
He has told me
that you are corresponding
with President Trump,
And that the message
about unhoardable money
is being delivered
once again.
I know what is coming.
The US dollar with demurrage.
I know that my power,
the paper money,
will ‘melt’ when this happens
and so,
I will be compelled to return it to circulation
in The Kingdom of Light.
I am already weakening,
as so much of my cash power
is already being raised
from The Dark Realms.”

“So tell us then,
what is your plan?
Angel asks
while she has a The Dark Prince
in this helpful mood,
and while everyone in the room
is listening so attentively.

J.P. tells her,
“I, i mean, we,
I have many agents,
are buying
This has already started.”
It is very quiet in the room.

“My move?” Angel asks.
Yes, ‘tis like a chess game,
isn’t it dear? J.P. replies.
The two of them look at each other
“Well ...
Angel formulates her words.
Allow me please
my Dark Friend.

I, i mean, we
have The Two Edged Sword
coming from The Mouth.
No blood on this Sword,
it is sparkling
shining in the sun.
I see that you are already familiar with one edge of this Sword;
money with Demurrage.
Here is the other,
which will finalize your reign.
Scotland, The US (borderlands),
The Middle East,
(The man-made structures are a different matter)
not “owned”.
voluntarily handed over to
The Peoples Land Trust
with full compensation
to the previous “owners”
in the form of
a government security,
the interest rate of which
is flexible
and tied to the industrial index,
will keep us safe and sound.
Nothing is forced.
The People will see,
as things
naturally unfold,
under the proper
The Natural Economic Order,
which we must impose upon ourselves,
instead of “the hoardable money with interest system”,
that choice being consciously willed.
It is not the product of
spontaneous natural happening.

The interest rate for the government securities
which are exchanged for
Land (I’m not speaking of structures here.
That is manmade and different)
is flexible and tied
to the industrial index.
As this interest-rate falls
which it will
once our uninterrupted
full production capacity
creates enough for everyone
to have what is necessary or needed
the rent of this land
(to the highest bitter)
will provide a source of for money which can be used for amortization of the loan due
to the previous owner
as well as funding, more and more,  for providing services to the people first of all in the form of
The Basic Income with Demurrage,
if it is ever needed
and then in the form of infrastructure;
basically anything that helps all business run more smoothly, efficiently, effectively.
There are many possibilities.

In the end,
well I should say
in a few years we,
all of us even including you JP,
if you want,
and all of your followers
will push THROUGH Capitalism and pass to the other side of
The Money Gate.
Guess where this leads to my friend.

J.P. lowers his dark sunglasses
and smiles.
He extends his hand
across the table.
Angel places her hand in his,
and a tear falls from JP‘s beady little eyes,
which are not so fiery anymore.

Everyone in the room is silent. Smiling.
Some are crying.
Bless you.” Angel whispers.

To be continued...
The Free Walled City at
The Southern Border.
The New Levant Region begins to take shape.

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