By Russell Morris


The Beast speaking:
“I met
The Prince of Darkness
for lunch yesterday.
We ate at a Lebanese bakery
in Port-au-Prince.
The best pastry and coffee.
We were joined by a businessman friend
from Syria.

My plan was to ask,
“Have you told the people of Haiti
about The Demurrage Plan
But I ended up,
believe it or not,
listening to a lot of old Jewish stories,
which were very interesting.
However, I still don’t know
if word is spreading yet,
amongst the people of Haiti,
about The Demurrage Plan,
using US dollars with Demurrage
as The Basic Income with Demurrage.

But I do know this.
Gold is here, in Haiti.
How interesting it will be
when the Haitian people learn
about The Demurrage Plan.
not only will the investors*
of these US dollars with Demurrage
so will the Haitian people.
They won’t be left out.
And the money won’t get lost
in corrupt side channels,
and hidden
to operate in The Dark Realms.

* NATO ?

And also, I couldn’t help thinking,
The Jewish people,
and President Trump,
will probably be the very best
at doing business with the new
unhoardable money with Demurrage.
And because of their almost innate talent
for knowing how money functions
we will ALL benefit.
We will all learn
how the best
most fair deals
are made.
And we will ALL get better
at making good fair deals,
because good fair deals,
even though they might end up with a better negotiator
making more money,
that money will have to just return to circulation again,
when we are using unhoardable money with Demurrage.
The better negotiator
will be best at finding the most profitable
investment opportunities.

The geniuses
born amongst us in every generation,
will live and prosper,
and the division of labor;
the basis of civilization
and so incredibly powerful these days (including automation and robots),
will be refined and tuned
to synchronize with Nature.
Our Industrial Complex
will be more and more
will have more time for devoting
our efforts and focus
to higher aims.

And always remember:
using unhoardable money with Demurrage,
it does NOT pay
to invest in
That is the specialty
of The Dark Forces,
and they
will very soon
run out of money
they persist
in their

Yours Truly,
The Beast

The US paper dollars to be used in this plan
are being prepared now, by me,
in a special magical solution
which will turn them black
in a very unique way,
in order that they don’t get mixed up with the hoardable ones.
It is enough because these paper dollars will soon only be accumulated in small amounts,
easily managed.


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