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Angel proclaims.
She is reading the news
about the financial advisors
coming to visit Lebanon this weekend.
and having a cup of coffee with
The Dark Prince
and The Beast.

By Russel Morris
The Dark Prince speaks:
I must admit
that even I can see now
the huge difference
between using hoardable money and
unhoardable money with Demurrage.
But you shouldn’t get everyone’s hopes up.”

“Why not!?” Angel says,
“Lots of people know now.
The protesters could even
hold up signs saying:

‘We want
the unhoardable money with

‘No more hoardable money
ever again.’

‘Declare Demurrage
The US dollar’

‘Hoardable money = Fear
Unhoardable Money = Transformation’

“The people
in order to survive
will adapt it is natural NOT to fight.”
The Beast says.
“Competition is a good thing,
but it is not necessary to kill
your opponent.
You just have to be smarter.”

I AM sending a message on this new moon coming.
Do this and you will get on News cameras and be remembered forever.
Present a calm powerful confident message.
Stand in a circle with your signs surrounding the meeting place if possible so that the message can be seen from all directions.
We are counting on you.
You are in the perfect position.
To Check Mate.

Yours Truly,
Angel NicGillicuddy
The Beast
The Dark Prince
And The Demurrage Gang.


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