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“How should i answer
to this phantom’s
message? Angel asks.
The Beast responds
as the two of them
sit alone
at the close of
The ShiBboLeTh Meeting,

By Russel Morris
“Q is a magazine.
Part of Bauer Media Group,
headed by
5th generation
Yvonne Bauer,
definitely NOT
one of The Cash Mob Elite.
She is a hard worker.
Thank you Yvonne.

“Maybe she is one of
THE 12. Angel says.

The Beast looks into Angel’s eyes,
and takes a deep breath.
“Send her ShiBboLeTh.
If she responds favorably
then we will know.”

“I believe
that she is.
And that she
is just waiting
for The Invitation.”
Angel says enthusiastically.

“Tell her that I sent you.”
The Beast says.
“And tell her
That I  am with you now.”

To Yvonne!

And This ShiBboLeTh Meeting
is officially ended.
Gentle peaceful snow
covers The Castle.
Sparkling in the blazing full moon.

THE 12
are the original ones
who came to Earth
a looooong time ago.
They became dispersed
when The Tower of Babel
was being built,
after it fell.
Why did it fall?
Because someone
began hoarding
the magical money token.

But now
The Messenger has been sent
for the third time.

The Shepherds
will collect The Flock.
All will be good.
will choose freely
his end. (or her’s)
And eventually
THE 12
will be left.
The Mission
will be accomplished.
And never again
will it be allowed,
the hoardable form of money.


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One comment on “Q? ANGEL ? HAS TO FALL Q”

  1. “Angel ? has to fall“
    This is what was written on my phone
    by the phantom.
    I didn’t do it though.
    I know it was Qanon
    But rather than go down a dark rabbit hole,
    I decided to make better use of
    the opportunity and
    start a relationship with
    Q the magazine.
    Angel NicGillicuddy

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