READ THE TRANSCRIPT about money with demurrage

By Russell Morris


A call
from The Beast
in The Levant Region and surrounding countries.
for example Lebanon

"Imagine the amount of money
you will need
in order to provide The Basic Income
to rebuild the infrastructure.
These two things
will help get you back on track faster
and better than anything else.
Imagine all the things which infrastructure could mean;
basically ANYTHING  which helps business transpire;
to be healthy and stay healthy.
Probably the most important thing
is smooth, steady, continuous flow
of The Lifeblood of business,
which is money.
Money with demurrage assures this.
And it is reflected, naturally,
as smooth, steady, continuous flow
of The Natural Resources.
Qi Gong
on a Global Scale.

Imagine how much money
US dollars
you need
in order to pay
The Basic Income
to all of your citizens.
Don't worry,
the idea is to
have the other countries
also doing what your doing.
It will happen quickly.
There is no reason why it shouldn't.
But if you are worried,
I am at your service.
Try reading
"A Story about The Basic Income"
published by The Levant News.

And imagine all the money
needed to rebuild and improve
your infrastructure.
So that your Industrial Complex can operate
much better and more efficiently
and effectively.
That way
you will maximize
the effects of the money you borrow.

The most important way to maximize the effects of the loan
is to make sure that the money circulates
smoothly, continuously, steadily.

Imagine the amount of money that you need
and divide it by ten.
is PLENT of money with demurrage.
Simply because
money with demurrage will circulate
uninterrupted or obstructed.
And it won't just end up underground somehow
And also remember this:
It does not pay
to invest money with demurrage
in destructive activity.
And one more thing:
Evil may not ever
go away completely,
But when we begin using money with demurrage
We will easily be able
to manage it.

Let's begin The Ceremony
and continue
Operation ShiBboLeTh.
This is not a secret by the way.

All I am talking about here
is cash paper money;
US paper dollars.
No kind of Alternative Currency.

who has The cash paper US dollars to loan?
Trump for one.
Just in case you don't know it,
there's PLENTY of cash paper US dollars surfacing
as a consequence of
some very clever and ingenious strategies,
thank you Donald and
and ALL The Demurrage Gang.

I love what's going on right now
with Ivanka and the women
in Morocco,
especially The Land part.
Cheers Ivanka and women of Morocco.

President Trump knows all about
money with demurrage
i can assure you.
He will talk to you about it.
Probably  he is just waiting on you
to ask.

For him
it is a noble thing to attempt.
And i believe that he has this in mind
as One of The Ultimate Goals
of The Demurrage Gang
If you are a business person
looking to always improve
and be The Best,
then you have no problem
finding ways of successfully
and creatively
investing the money.
I'm sure
that President Trump
and ALL The Demurrage Gang
would love this opportunity.

And now close your eyes
and listen closely as you imagine saying this to yourself:
If I feel
that i am reacting
and be with The Breathing.
Then go ahead.
Listen closely again.
Being with The Breathing
and I will help you.

let us continue The Ceremony.
on the money.
The cash paper money
and coins.

Maybe you will want to hold the paper money as reserve
and print National notes with demurrage.
Or maybe
you will just place the stamps
directly on The US paper dollar notes.
Just leaving money sitting seems very unnecessary.
The covering for money
The Goods ready for sale,
"sitting on the shelf" as it were,
including Natural Resources.
I can talk to you more about this.

Regular National Postage Stamps
are to be used to track
the demurrage on the notes or bills
or whatever you want to call the paper money.
The Postage Stamps are at your cost.
The stamps should be placed on the bills
due weekly.
Banks can tend whatever they have
in there on demand accounts themselves.

Pay the loan back to Donald
as soon as possible,
weekly installments is a good idea.
It is probably possible to "make"
a lot of cash money paper US dollars
selling diamonds

The Demurrage money
will be doing it's job
WAAAY better than any hoardable money

At the end of the year,
after each paper US dollar
has been stamped
representing the paid demurrage
for the year,
then replenish the money
with your own
National Money with demurrage.
And start monitoring for a
Steady Consumer Price Index ( CPI )
You know,
Demand = Supply.
Remember that?
I'm pretty sure that
Larry and Arthur
and Donald do.

Peg to The US dollar.
after the payback,
which won't be very long.
There is a very good chance
that by then
Donald will be tired of waiting on The Fed
and he will declare demurrage
on all THE REST of The US dollars himself,
which is his constitutional right.

I am telling you as The Beast Myself,
I can see The Writing on The Wall.

Don't worry,
Donald knows plenty
about money with demurage.

Make sure that
The Basic Income Dollars
are also made of
money with demurrage
and getting stamps.
see A Story about The Basic Income
published by The Levant News.
You might want to manage
The Basic Income Currency separate
from the regular money with demurrage
National Currency.

You may even just want
to join The Demurrage Gang
and use US Dollars with Demurrage.
But it won't really matter
when every country is using
a stable Currency;
Money with demurrage.

The idea will spread
very quickly.
And you are going to see
and organization
and peace
and prosperity.

The loan will be payed back
not a penny more
and not a penny less.
You will pay the demurrage
with your own
National Stamps.
No need to even make any new stamps,
just use the regular
what you have.

Pay the loan back
in weekly installments.
You should be able to come up
with clever, strategic
ways of making cash
US paper dollars
from your resources
and ingenuity,
which will be fully unleashed
once you start using
money with demurrage
and there are NO MORE
nor unemployment,
nor crisis.

If Donald insists on
some kind of interest
then just work it out
in trade.
Like trade in diamonds

I'm at you service.
Just read the transcript here;
The call i had
with myself today.
I hope everyone
was listening

And ALWAYS remember this:
should NEVER just be let loose !
It should ALWAYS
be watched carefully
with a very special kind of focus.
Not even war
distracts this focus.

Evil lurks,
it never completely goes away.
And it seeks
ANY subtle opening
in order to destroy
The Kingdom.

With Magic
one must always have a clear mind
for absolute focus,
not even war distracts from this focus.
the more powerful the magic
the more destructive the consequences.

Money is very powerful magic,

Peace everyone,


The Liberum

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