The Settlement part one

March 5, 2019


Here is

A Settlement   to consider   which   can change the fate of humanity

For  Gretta and her group of friends

To present

During their protest.   ( I think that the protest is scheduled for the 15th, that’s ok )

I will be having a Ceremony, by candle light,   in the deep silence,    and with Lazer Focus,

On the 19th during The Full Moon,

Just to hold The Space

For stillness

And attention

And clarity.


There is one other part     called Free-Land    (  Land which is free-ed  from Captivity

And unable   to be   hoarded.  )

But for now    know

That by engaging    the first part

There will be a huge wave of money

Rising from The Dark Realms.

Making The Switch   to using  Money with demurrage ( nothing to do with   “negative interest” )

Will assure  that  hoardable money   which is able to be removed  from our economic**   circulation

Will NEVER  again

Be able   to interfere   or  obstruct

The realization   of   your

Creative  powers.


I have already    inspired   this  awareness

In The Middle East;



In particular

The  very wealthy    amazing    city,


And I have been planting seeds all over the world for the last two years

Australia,  Argentina,  Italy,   Germany,   The United States,  Japan,  The deep Amazon

And more.


**   I define Economy as    “The exchange and flow  of the Natural Resources”    everywhere    and  anywhere.   Qi Gong  on a global scale.



Here is

The Settlement   part one




To making The Switch

To using  a form of money

Which is   NOT   hoardable;

Money with Demurrage

( NOT  “negative interest” );

Money which decays

Like   EVERYTHING   else   that is Natural


Because    we  know

That it will put an end

To The Cycles



Which are FORCED   upon  us ALL

By a massive hoard

Of  CASH   leverage    hidden.     And The Cycles

Are the biggest   CAUSE   of  environmental damage    of all.

Also,   it is the biggest   CAUSE   of human suffering.


Making  The Switch   to using money with demurrage    will drastically   reduce  crime    and  war

Because   we  know

That CASH   ( hidden CASH )

Is behind

All   of the dirty work.


We  also know,    from looking at these last 100s,   even 1000s  of years

Of using   a   hoardable  form of money,

That it brings out

Our worst human traits.

And un-hoardable money


Just the opposite;

It brings out

Our best human traits.


“Evil may not ever go away completely

But when we begin using   un-hoardalbel money;

Money with demurrage   (  nothing to do with “negative interest rates”  )

THEN,    we will easily    be able

To manage it:     the evil,     and the money.”



It is IMPOSSIBLE    to manage

A form of money

Which can be  removed from circulation

And hoarded   in massive amounts

And  hidden.


the end  of The Settlement  for now


It is as precise and concise as I can make it

But most importantly

It is all I can do

To convey   a heart message

Which will help our unity   and strengthen our efforts

All over the world.


All that is necessary now

Is to indicate your agreement

By forwarding it  ( you can use this whole email if you want )

to others who are aligned with your  endeavor

Even those who are not aligned with it.


We are embarking upon a journey

Into uncharted   waters

But be assured

That when we use money with demurrage

We will  always  have the very best technology   and ideas

At our fingertips,



NOTHING will EVER  be held back again.

Do you believe in people?   I  do.      Love,  Angel NicGillicuddy






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