By Russell Morris


About a year ago
a young boy in Afghanistan
received the book called
sent to him by Angel NicGillicuddy.

is a children’s story which
reveals the secret
About hoardable money
and how it functions,
explaining the details
about how this ancient form of money
is able to be withdrawn from
circulation and
withheld until the
ransom or tribute is
payed; that being

It also explains how
this form of money
enables or allows
The Cash Mob Elite to
CREATE the market conditions,
in all kinds of mischievous ways,
which give them the power
to demand this

BOOMs and BUSTs are
NOT normal, like we’ve
been taught for
by the state schools.
The Cycles are NOT natural
either. Money is an
invention of man. It is
NOT a spontaneous natural product.
It is an order which,
through conscious act,
we will upon our-

And so that we are
not just left out in the cold,
where most
economists (not including Laffer and Kudlow)
will leave you,
with talk about
attrition at austerity,
or that capitalism is
broken or has reached
it’s limit,
shows us that
we can easily work THROUGH
Capitalism and easily
reach sustainability,
while at the same time
purifying our industrial complex
systems and

This can be achieved
by declaring
Demurrage on money,
beginning with the US

Declaring demurrage
on the US dollar will
not only carry us
THROUGH Capitalism to
The New Renaissance.
It will also
Unfund The Dark Forces.
Evil may not ever
go away completely,
but when we declare Demurrage
on money, beginning with
The US dollar,
we will easily be able
to manage it,
and the money too.

By now ShiBboLeTh has
had time to circulate
into the hands of many
of the young people in
And maybe into the hands
of the leaders too.
Also President
Trump is familiar with
this book and Angel

There are no secrets here.
Operation ShiBboLeTh has
already been fully disclosed.

The way to good fair deals
and reciprocal trade
is much easier and more dependable
when money carries
Demurrage charges for holding it
out of circulation.
If you want cash in your pocket
or in a hidden stash
have as much as you want.
The Demurrage charges will be relatively inexpensive.

if we leave our money in the ancient traditional hoardable form,
The Evil Dark Forces
will always find a way
to interfere, or interrupt,
or obstruct,
or manipulate
no matter how hard
The Forces of Good try.

Sorry about that.

But now we have the antidote,
to break The Spell;
unhoardable money;
Money with Demurrage
(which is not the same as negative interest).
Join us.
Cha Ching,
The Beast
and Angel NicGillicuddy.
PS All True. Not fake.

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