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The absurdity and dangers of the woke agenda: enough is enough

Image credits: An artistic expression of the evolution from Homo Sapiens to Homo Wokeness. Courtesy of Joon W.

A radical left-woke agenda is smoothly being rolled-out over the Western world. Brought to us by an uber-political correct movement that silences the majority not to offend the few. Censorship of children’s books, deleted tv-shows, movies, and perverted sexual education in primary schools. An executive selection of the ‘new normal’ brought to you by the woke mob’s censorship-liberation team: be aware they will also come for you.

By Arthur Blok
If not in life, they’ll get you in death. As proven by the recent ridiculous censorship of the works of Roald Dahl, one of the world’s most successful children’s authors of all time.

Oompa-Loompas became small people instead of small men, and ‘boys and girls’ were replaced with the gender-neutral term “children.” Pronouns such as “him” and “his” were switched to “them” and “its.”

The drive to change the language to ensure that no soul on earth could possibly be offended by anything they see or hear went way too over the top. Roald Dahl must be spinning in his grave by now.

Let’s also not forget the quiet editing of the BBC archives of classic radio comedies to remove politically incorrect or racist jokes, the removal of episodes tv-shows like John Cleese’s Fawlty Towers, Little Britain and the reclassification of films such as Rocky and Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back.

The twisted list goes on and on.

The now mainstream term ‘woke’ is central to many political and cultural debates. For some, being woke is a sign of awareness of social issues; others see it as a plain insult. The term was officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary as an adjective in June 2017.

The Urban Dictionary, which published its original definition two years before the official dictionary, defines woke as “being aware… knowing what’s going on in the community (related to racism and social injustice)”.

What started as a somehow reasonable liberation movement grew into all-out wokeism hysteria.

A new radical trend best described as an upgraded version of cultural Marxism or a return to 1980s-style political correctness. In a way, it is also the successor to 1990s-type race, class, and gender obsessions, but with a Maoist twist.

How radically different was it going to school in the 80s and 90s of the previous century? Words like colonialism, transgenderism, critical (race) theory, intersectionality, white privilege, and social justice were used in different contexts. These words are now mainstream into society’s everyday vocabulary and are fed daily to young children.

Something hazardous comes with these words and the dogmas behind them: a climate of anger and division. Ironically, all facets of woke ideology introduce a victim mentality for minorities, ultimately disempowering its followers.

Once again, before the woke mob’s censorship team comes after me, let's emphasise that there is nothing wrong with the idea itself: being aware of the allegedly systemic nature of racism, sexism, and other oppressive power dynamics.

With all the anger and aggression of the woke movement, we forget one key thing: Identity politics is, by definition, racist. That is evident.

The self-righteousness of the movement is very troubling as well. As if ‘the woke’ act better than people who are not. A ridiculous assumption. They are blindly convinced that being woke is the only ‘correct’ way while refusing to consider any other perspective.

Ironically, it is a movement that claims to be open-minded, but in practice, it is the exact opposite of that. As if being woke makes you a better person, you're terrible if you aren't. These are all very dangerous assumptions.

The absurdity of the movement is slowly reaching a climax.

Sex liberationism and gender nominalism that have characterised the last 20 years were not so bad. They were a healthy and organic development of classical-liberal doctrine. Suddenly things went too far with the gender equality agenda.

It became perverted.

It became a radical form of inclusion where sexual fluidity and the diversity of sexual orientation became the 'new normal' in schools. A new normal that is now shamelessly promoted and pushed to children as young as 4.

A movement on the premises of liberation grew into one of the main threats to freedom of expression in modern times. A movement surrounded by obsessions, infectious anger and aggression.

It is time to make one thing clear to those wokeist fanatics that have kidnapped the liberal agenda on the false assumption of inclusion: you are digging your graves; we have had enough.

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