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By Russell Morris


It is good that the people see
the newly printed paper money
as a poor and even
dangerous response to their needs.
And their attempt to reveal
the hidden cash paper money
(the old stuff)
is right.
There is probably plenty.

Declaring Demurrage
on their money
will reveal the hidden money
and keep it in circulation
where it can do it’s job.

In fact
in the end
the money will act as a robot
always navigating us
toward the true North star
which is
The Natural Economic Order
(Silvio Gesell).
But it will always be our choice.

As long as the money remains
it can still disappear into hiding.
And printing more
of this money (new)
will end up just feeding
The Dark Forces
not the people.

The workers
who use it in exchanging for goods on a regular basis
do not hide the money
or at least not very much of it
for long periods of time.
So the Demurrage charge
(the holding charge)
will have very little effect on them.
In fact it will benefit all workers greatly,
including factory owners, CEOs, investors, priests, the national defense, and even the
street sweeper.

The printing of new paper money
is an old
As long as it is hoardable;
able to be removed from circulation and hidden,
it will end up
in the hands of
The Cash Mob Elite;
In their subterranean vaults,
or else circulating amongst some of their slave children,
including the migrating people,
and the coyotes,
and the so called
rebel forces
or their contrived enemy,
all to manipulate our market conditions
and keep us
in their forced
of BOOMs and BUSTs;
just like
“the enemies”.
As long as the money is horrible, able to be removed from circulation and hidden, it will end up in the hands of
The Cash Mob Elite
And these invisible entities will use it to manipulate our market conditions and pay off the ones who are corrupted by it
(Disciples of The Beast)
even those who were righteous rebels
but who are now under the control of
The Cash Mob Elite,
who supply them with dangerous weapons
and payoff money.

The Cash Mob Elite
manipulate everything in our world.
The good workers and
The Forces of Light
end up with whatever the invisible
Cash Mob Elite
allow them,
sometimes more sometimes
way less;
The Cycles of
BOOMs and BUSTs,
which by the way,
for all the environmentalists
and humanitarians,
effects our natural world more than anything else

Declaring Demurrage on money,
especially and beginning with
The US dollar
will unfund
The Dark Forces
and keep the money in circulation
in The Light
where it can do its job properly
and benefit all the people.
So that eventually, gradually
the workers
will have what they need or want,  our industries will be able to develop and refine,
and we will have reciprocal trade and sustainable practices
and greener, cleaner everything with very little trouble from The Dark Forces
whom we will easily be able to manage.

President Trump and
The Demurrage Gang
know all of this very well.
Ask him.
He will help you,
and so will I.
Angel NicGillicuddy
I would like to know what
The Trump Think Tank
has to say.
Stay tuned.

The Cash Mob Elite
are losing their power;
the hidden hoardable money.
The Final Blow is coming;
money with Demurrage.

And we won’t forget
the captive Land.
When Demurrage is declared
On The US dollar
there will be plenty of money to pay the ransom
for the captive Lands.

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