By Russell Morris


Regarding the Trump security aid
to prove to the world
how money with Demurrage
WORKS 10 times better
than hoardable money,
with nothing disappearing
into the channels of corruption,
nor anywhere.

What better way
to  provide security
then to take care of everybody.

The network is already
in place.
No need to use some kind of
alternative currency.
No need to change ANYTHING.

The money with Demurrage
will seek the best
business opportunities.
To begin with it will
give to all industry
The Historic Next Order
because all of the people,
having The Basic Income (with Demurrage)
will be demonstrating
their true wants and needs,
without any need for projections
or guesses or predictions
or schemes. The distribution problem will be solved.

The Basic Income with Demurrage
is given in weekly doses
which melt away completely
before the next dose is received.
It does not leave the country.
See the article
“A Basic Income Story”
by The Levant News.
It is given to every citizen
who wants it.
And what about all the refugees?
We will find a way.
This idea will spread

This money with Demurrage
will circulate much faster than
the hoardable money,
which can remain as it is
while the people watch
how much better
money with Demurrage
if anybody wants,
they can exchange their traditional
hoardable money
for the new National Money
with Demurrage.

The Basic Income (with Demurrage)
is given to all citizens who want it.
(We will not forget about the refugees.)
For some it will be “extra” money,
which can be invested.
Lots of business will be inspired
with this active
dynamic money.
Nothing else needs to change.
Just the money,
from hoardable
to unhoardable.

President Trump knows all about it.
The money he has released
may just be meant
for this timely experiment.
There is nothing to lose.

Lebanon, like every other nation
has a civil problem.
There is no curing
The international problem
until the Civil National predicament
it’s taken care of.

What better proving ground
for this historic demonstration
then Lebanon,
home to UNESCO Beirut.

The details can easily be
worked out.
I am at your service,
Angel NicGillicuddy

PS This will make a great story.


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