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The Prophet’s 100th birthday will be celebrated in New York

Image credits: Render for the to be commissioned sculpture of The Prophet 100 at St. Mark's Church-in-the-Bowery in New York. Image courtesy of the Kahlil Gibran Gallery Limited.

An exceptional year for Kahlil Gibran fans. This year the legendary Lebanese writer and poet celebrates the 100th anniversary of his most famous work, The Prophet, with some unique events in New York, a city Gibran considered his second home.   

By Marco Mattiussi
The Big Apple is set to host The Prophet 100, a series of events commemorating the centenary of his masterpiece, The Prophet. From September 21-25, the city will celebrate the impact and legacy of one of the world's most-read and decorated books of modern literary history.

The Prophet 100 include a specially commissioned sculpture unveiling at St. Mark's Church-in-the-Bowery, where the first public reading of The Prophet took place in 1923. Attendees can also expect a 3D mapping exhibition of the church walls, a symposium at Lebanese University NYC, a Little Syria Walking Tour, and a Gala Dinner at a venue (to be announced).

 “I see it as a privilege to witness this anniversary of one the most incredible books of modern times”, said Lebanese-Australian Gibran scholar Glen Kalem-Habib. The scholar, one of the driving forces behind this year’s events, is an award-winning documentary film producer and a founding member of the International Kahlil Gibran Association and the Kahlil Gibran Collective (KGC), an extensive website about Gibran.

Kalem-Habib is heading the Kahlil Gibran Gallery Limited, a subsidiary of the KGC, a Not-For-Profit organisation dedicated to furthering the scholarship of Gibran's life, work, and legacy; it aims to create international programs, events, and publications related to Gibran's life, work, and heritage. The Prophet 100 is one of their many initiatives to achieve this mission.

Financially, there are still some nuts to crack, so to speak, explained Kalem-Habib. The process of securing the funds is still ongoing and needs some further efforts to be completed, as all the funds for the monument and other activities are not guaranteed yet. For that, the scholar passionately calls on the public and all Gibran enthusiastic readers to help with a (small) donation. “Every penny counts.”

"Let us unite to honour the champion of humanity, Kahlil Gibran, by supporting the creation of the first-ever sculpture devoted to him. By contributing to this project, we can ensure that Gibran's legacy of compassion, wisdom, and beauty will continue to inspire future generations", he added.

The Prophet, with its philosophical and mystical themes, has been translated into 116 languages and has had the longest continuous print run of any book in history. The Prophet 100 is an excellent opportunity for all Gibran scholars, admirers, and enthusiasts to be part of this historical event.

“The Prophet has reached heights and borders beyond the author's and his friends' expectations. After twenty-five years of research, I am still baffled by this book’s outreach in the global society,” concluded Kalem-Habib. For more information, please visit The Kahlil Gibran Collective or Glen Kalem Habib at [email protected].

To help the organisation to secure funds, you can donate here

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