By Russell Morris


Welcome to
The New
Economic Olympics,
where each Nation
strives to be The Best.
And we all cheer for the new
record breaker.

Flushing as much as possible
of the hidden paper money cash
out from its veiled operations
in The Dark Realms,
and returning it
back to circulation
in The Kingdom of Light,
rapidly removing
the financial support
of The Dark Forces.
The Beast is weakening.
It’s only power
lies in the cash paper money
(mostly US paper dollars,
but this does not mean that the US is more guilty than any other country or entity.)
The Cash Mob Elite just have a lot of
they are not very smart.
People say,
The Cash Mob Elite
are Globalists.
IF our money remains in the hoardable form*
these same “globalist” people or entities
will remain in power
even under The Nationalist name.
And under The Socialist and Communist titles as well.
President Trump knows this.
And that is why
is so profoundly important.
Money with Demurrage
is the great
To declaring Demurrage on The US dollar.
It will “melt”
The Beast’s Power right through his hands, and all of his disciples hands as well.
Everybody will be alright though.
In fact,
much BETTER.

Remember this,
Money with Demurrage
(much different from negative interest)
compels us
each one
to compete cooperatively
cooperate competitively.
Silvio Gesell said this.
and I have not forgotten,
and neither have
Jared and his Middle East
Peace Team,
the problem of Land “ownership”.
GOD said to Moses:
“The Land is Mine.
Thou Shalt Not Sell It.”
Everyone knows
how it all started.
Land (this does not mean the man made structures, that is a different matter)
must only be RENTED (auctioned to the highest bidder)
from The Peoples Land Trust,
where the money income from this rent
is used to provide services
to the People of The Region or Nation.
It is all voluntary,
no force will be or is necessary.
When I look at it this way,
using this angle
or perspective,
then I can see that Jared and his Team
are probably on the right path.
They also,
along with President Trump and his Team,
and all The Demurrage Gang,
know all about
The Natural Economic Order
(Silvio Gesell)
Thank you President Trump for a
calm assuring speech.
Angel NicGillicuddy


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