By Russell Morris


Considering that The Peoples' efforts
and organization
have not collapsed
despite their very low financial support
imagine what could would happen
if the hidden hoards
of cash paper money
were flushed out of hiding
and brought back into circulation
as money with demurrage;

By far, most of this hidden cash paper money
is US dollars.
But this does not mean
that The US is the guilty country.
printing new issues by The Federal Reserve
did provide PLENTY
which eventually ended up
and back on top of the huge pile
of cash paper money and treasure
already here.
Accumulation which has been going on
since way before The World Wars,
which provided
an incredible boost
for this huge hidden stash of cash paper money
and treasure
hidden deep underground.
I know.
I have watched it pile up
over these 1000s of years
ever since we started using
the hoardable form of money.
I saw the defect in this kind of money
and I seized it.

I wonder why The Think Tank
does not even talk about money reform?
(That's a little different from economic reform
using a form of money which is
impossible to manage
because the Stock of money  issued
does not equal the Supply of money available

Over half the cost
of EVERYTHING we buy
Everything it takes to get it to us
goes to interest.
Even the cost of the Natural Resources used,
and even the intellectual property.
Think about Facebook, Google, Twitter
and their operating loan.

I can tell you
as The Beast myself,
"I have my disciples
go to the banks
and withdrawal all they can
as cash paper money
and give it to me,
where I put it on top of the already
huge mountain of cash paper money and treasure
and then use it
to manipulate or create
economic conditions
to maintain the interest system.
Sometimes it means destroying stuff,
like buildings, goods,
and ships are a good one too.
Always, it means
spending money on "conflict"
of every imaginable kind
just to keep us all divided.

The only rule I have is
to the message about
unhoardable money.

Anyway, the real clincher is this:
our Traditional hoardable form of money,
the paper money,
just ends up going back underground every time
and back on top of this huge pile of
cash and more and more treasure.
And let me tell you
it is very incredibly majestic looking
down here.

why doesn't The Think Tank
talk about any of this?
Well, maybe they do.
But we never see it in their message.
I don't allow it
to be printed
or heard.

maybe The Think Tank doesn't even know about
the concept of unhoardable money.

For sure,
The Demurrage Gang* knows.
My special agent
Angel NicGillicuddy
has made sure.
The Dossier is available.
(see "Shibboleth Meeting Planned"
published by The Levant News).
Their strategy has been in the planning for many years.

Coming soon in our story:
Trump says
I'll take that money.
Bring on the Demurrage.
I don't hoard money anyway.
I can imagine all kinds of
ways to use it.
And the rest of my friends
in The Demurrage Gang" can too."
(Trump, Modi, Abe, MbS, Boris, Kim, Xi, and there are more. Putin.
All the NEW leaders are of course welcome.

Yours Truly
I am at your service,


The Liberum

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