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Angel to South Africa

By Russell Morris


It would help
the South African leaders
to see or understand
the totality
of secretary Pompeo’s speech
if they knew a little more
about his perspective.
Secretary Pompeo sees things
from the perspective of the WORKER,
not just the perspective
of The Money Holders.
There is a way
to move in the right direction regarding
The Land dilemma.
GOD said to Moses:
“The Land is Mine.
Thou shalt NOT sell it.”

Of course,
this WAS done
a long time ago
(well actually not that long ago really),
when the Khoikhoi Leader Chief
was tricked
into selling The Land
of his nomadic peoples;
nomadic peoples who must migrate to feed their herds;
they must have access
to The Land.
They may not need permanent structures and all kinds of roads and bridges,
but they need
The Land.
The Khoikhoi Chief
knew not
about the trap
which had been set
upon him
and his people.
And when they tried to later
flight back
of course they lost.
They were murdered or runoff by the army
which served
The Money Holders;
The ones behind the government;
The Cash Mob Elite.
But truthfully
even they (The Cash Mob Elite)
did not know THEN,
that the trap
was gradually
surrounding them too.
THEY also
were/are finding themselves stuck
and desperate
for ways to make MORE money,
or back then
FIND more money;
golden silver etc.

It is not necessary to confiscate
The Land,
without compensating
the “owners”.
There is a better way.
First, I would like to invite you to join
The Demurrage Gang.

More is known NOW,
which will give a much clearer picture of the totality
regarding our money
and Land dilemma.

I am at your service,
Angel NicGillicuddy
For more information see
The Natural Economic Order
by Silvio Gesell
republished by Peter Owen
of London
Page 128.


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