Bestselling Lebanese author Karim El Koussa is joining The Liberum

Image credits: Best-selling Lebanese author and researcher Karim El Koussa giving a lecture at the Lebanese American University headquarter in New York.

Bestselling Lebanese author and researcher Karim El Koussa will host a special segment on The Liberum dedicated to his unique work. The distinguished El Koussa describes himself as “a Phoenician Christian Lebanese” who is both a Pythagorean and Enochian.

By Arthur Blok
In his work, which is published in English, French, and Arabic, El Koussa goes back to the Phoenician tradition. He is fascinated by (Lebanese) ancient history and always looks for alternative explanations for historical sites and events.

Was Pythagoras Lebanese? Who was Enoch? Why was The Book of Enoch, which contained prophecies about Christ, removed from the bible? Which hidden messages can be found in old scriptures? In his unique work, the Lebanese author tries to answer such questions.

El Koussa’s work is best described as a mixture of Religion, History, Philosophy, Spirituality, and Esoteric inner insights. He breathes passion for these topics and always has an (alternative) explanation for the unknown. “In my work, I focus mainly on the Canaanite-Phoenician and Egyptian Traditions in combination with Christianity. I dedicated over 25 years to our religions and rich history.”

In essence, El Koussa is himself a modern-day philosopher and a true lover of wisdom. Some highlights of his work include PYTHAGORAS THE MATHEMAGICIAN, an extraordinary biography of Pythagoras, who was, as El Koussa proves, of Phoenician descent.

Pythagoras was one of the Western world’s first philosophers and the founder of Pythagoreanism. His political and religious teachings influenced the philosophies of Plato and Aristotle, to name a few. A must-read biographical, philosophical fiction novel about who Pythagoras was.

Another best-selling novel is THE PHOENICIAN CODE – Unveiling the Secrets of the Holy Grail. “In this novel, I debunk the narrative of the Old Testament. It supports the idea that Jesus was not a Jew, but a Phoenician.”

The Phoenician Code is written as a fiction novel with historical facts and translated into French and Arabic. El Koussa: “It is full of secret societies and could be seen as an anti-thesis to The Da Vince Code. This book will probably be the base for a TV-Series in the near future. We are currently working on that.”

El Koussa penned a companion book to the previous work, calling it: JESUS THE PHOENICIAN, a ground-breaking book of religious history that is sure to challenge conventional thinking about the origins of Jesus Christ, not only among Christians in the west but in the entire world.

Though the author claims no theological degree, as a Christian and a writer, he has read and researched extensively and compiled a sound, compelling argument that the traditionally accepted story of Jesus the Jew, though largely undisputed by the faithful in favor of the biblical version, is an impossibility.

In THE KABBALISTIC VISIONS - And the Secrets of the Phoenician Tradition, he sheds light on the historical figure of Enoch, who appears in different forms in our history. “Enoch (Phenok) was a fascinating figure. The Kabbalistic Visions is about Enoch’s reception and acceptance of the kabbalah.”

From the Bible, we know that Enoch was Adam's great-great-great-great grandson (and Noah's great-grandfather) who lived a holy and faithful life to the Lord. Enoch, the seventh patriarch in the book of Genesis, was believed to receive secret knowledge from God.

Many of these events are said to have happened here in Mount Hermon, where the Grigori (“Evil Watchers”) class of fallen angels descended to Earth. El Koussa: “He received his traditions there from the Angels of God El, the “Good Watchers” on Mount Hermon. I explain this on various levels and place this in historical perspective.”

The Book of Enoch is one the most exciting things El Koussa has ever read. “Enoch, in a way, represents the cycle of initiation. He can be considered the father of all religions and all spiritual laws. He is known in history by many names, such as Hermes, Mercury, Enki, etc. A fascinating figure indeed.”

El Koussa is currently filming a Mystery Historical TV series called PHOENIX ORACLE for a UK-based independent Production & Distribution Company. Keep visiting The Liberum for the most recent news on this series.

The latest news on Karim El Koussa’s publications, radio, and TV performances can be found here, and his Youtube Channel is here.


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