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Captured by Two Winged Soldiers on Horseback

By Russel Morris


New moon
Dear Beast,
I have been ceased
By Two Winged Soldiers
on horseback.
They just showed me a document
And asked me
To come along.

I know this document very well.
It is
Aktive Currency Policy.
Silvio shared it with us
In the story
It details the instructions
For transitioning our money system
From gold,
Or ANY form of hoardable money
Which operates on a large scale,
Like The US dollar,
To unhoardable money,
Like when President Trump
Declares Demurrage
on The US dollar.

As I ride along
On the horse which
They have provided for me
I synchronize my movement
And clear my mind,
Just being with my breathing
And being grateful.

“The center of gravitation”
I seek NOT in government,
It’s external form,
But backing of it,
In the governing forces;
And these governing forces;
The real ruling power,
Are the forces
Which prescribe to
The Government,
The principles for it’s actions.
They are
The Economic Conditions
Which mold all laws.
If these conditions
Are chaotic,
Then also
The Government is chaotic;
Without efficiency.

The governing forces have been dissolved
Into a shapeless mass
Of diverging impulses;
Fighting, hating, and crossing
one another.
And until,
In this disorganized primitive matter
A new form of power
Is formed by condensation,
There can be no talk
Of a Government
In the traditional sense.

This message
Bypasses my mind,
And it goes straight to my heart.
What is considered
Profound by most;
The operation of our money system,
Is NOT so hard to understand
When unhoardable money
Is realized
And compared
To the hoardable money.

Hoardable money = Fear
Unhoardable Money = Transformation.
Unfund The Dark Forces
By declaring Demurrage
On The US dollar.
As to when?
I trust Donald’s judgement.
May we continue
Working on The Infrastructure
So that it can handle
The Great Flood of money
Cash paper US dollars coming.
I’ll make sure The President
Gets a copy of this letter.

For now my friend
We’re headed in the right direction,
And The Two Winged Soldiers
On horseback.
Peace Beast,
Angel NicGillicuddy


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