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Emad Aysha24/01/2023

An Eventful Occasion: China and the Arabs, from the Baghdad library to Sci-Fi in translation

I attended an event in late December at the Chinese Cultural Center in Cairo about […]
Arthur Blok19/01/2023

Saudi Arabia introduces yet another important reform to strengthen the position of women; western media remain silent

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is living up to his promises to reform Saudi […]
Arthur Blok19/01/2023

EXCLUSIVE | Watch the after-movie of Dubai’s first-ever 10-star Michelin dinner

No one will argue that Dubai is where luxury meets exclusivity and records are broken. […]
Arthur Blok16/01/2023

BREAKING NEWS |Fadi’s Art section is now live

Unique is the best word to describe the work of Lebanese artist Fadi Balhawan (1966). […]
Arthur Blok15/01/2023

Lebanese entrepreneurs are taking over Dubai

Once flourishing, Lebanon is now a country in decline. The scale and scope of its […]
Nikola Mikovic14/01/2023

Putin, Shoigu and Gerasimov; a triumvirate of incompetents

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Moscow continues […]
Arthur Blok13/01/2023

Perridon Holdings raises the bar for future high-end events in Dubai

Dubai is known for its riches, vibrant culture, luxury, and record-breaking projects. It’s a metropolis […]
Arthur Blok09/01/2023

Episode 03 | It can't get much Crazier: books you are not supposed to read part II

The Liberum editor-in-chief (author & political scientist) Arthur Blok published various books about Dutch politics. In 2008 […]
Arthur Blok07/01/2023

Karim El Koussa unravels the secrets of the Phoenicians

The Phoenicians were ancient people who prospered on the coast of the Levant (eastern Mediterranean). […]
Arthur Blok06/01/2023

Lebanon’s polluted beaches are once again cleaned

What better way to start the new year than with some positive news? Not a […]
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