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We do not say sorry or apologize for our thoughts, feelings, and writing. We swim against the current if we feel that is right. We are simply unapologetic.

Arthur Blok26/12/2018

How Peel Smart Remote Can Help You Watch TV Wisely

The Levant News Exclusive - by Jackson Smith -- TV and home entertainment systems are […]
Arthur Blok26/12/2018

Why is It Necessary to Switch from Regular Remotes to Universal Remote Apps?

The Levant News Exclusive - by Jackson Smith --Remote-controlled devices are ubiquitous today, and the […]
Arthur Blok17/12/2018

The Yellow Anger Over The Green Ambitions

By Areej Zaher* -- For the recent fifth weeks, France has gone through inevitable unrest […]
Arthur Blok11/12/2018

Can An Office Chair Boost Your Business Growth?

When starting, moving, or growing your business, there are a lot of decisions you have […]
Arthur Blok14/11/2018

Small Steps In Syria's Economic Recovery

By Areej Zaher* -- The world Bank has reported that Syrian conflict till 2017 had […]
Arthur Blok16/10/2018

Turkish police will search Saudi consul's residence in Istanbul

ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Turkish police will search the Saudi consul’s residence in Istanbul, Turkish broadcaster […]
Arthur Blok16/10/2018

UAE Climate minister encourages use of Sustainability Platform

By Arthur Blok -- The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE) is inviting public […]
Arthur Blok05/10/2018

Tunisia’s migration dilemma

One of Tunisia’s biggest challenges is how to handle migrants illegally leaving its borders. Tunisia’s […]
Arthur Blok30/06/2018

Mouzahem: there is an implicit international understanding on Syria’s South

The Levant News - Here is a special interview with Dr. Haytham Mouzahem, director of […]
Arthur Blok21/06/2018

Arab Countries Between Secular and Religious Narrative

By Leila Hoballah -- Introduction One of the most important features of this era, one […]