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There are two sides to any story. One is talked about and seen by everyone, but the other is untold. We focus on the latter.

The Levant14/05/2018

'Feelings Out of the Law' by Rola Ghanem

By: Wasan Abu-Baker* Dr. Rola Ghanem is a Palestinian contemporary novelist, from the city of […]
Emad Aysha10/05/2018

Wajib (2017): A Palestinian Road Movie for a Nation Caught Between Two Ages

By Emad El-Din Aysha, PhD*   Just got invited to watch a wonderful little movie […]
The Levant06/05/2018

The Present Absentees, The Suffering of Palestinians living within the Green Line, Rola Ghanem’s (The Green Line)

By: Wasan Abu-Baker   Dr. Rola Ghanem is a Palestinian novelist from the city of […]
The Levant04/05/2018

Haneen Zoabi: Condemning Israel's so-called Democracy from Within

By Geoffrey Cook It is hard to imagine a more thankless and demanding job than […]
The Levant04/05/2018

Jerusalem is a Red Line

By: Wasan Abu Baker*   Ben Gurion in 1948 said, “We must do everything to […]
The Levant03/05/2018

Dream of Return and Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine Painted by the Palestinian Artist Fidaa Sammar

By: Wasan Abu Baker   At a time where the president of the United States […]
The Levant02/05/2018

BOOK REVIEW – 'Tower of the Stork' by Dima Al Samman

Reviewed by: Wasan Abu-Baker*   Dima Al Samman, is a contemporary Jerusalemite Palestinian novelist. She […]
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